Fbb TV launches first-ever interactive Instagram web series: #PujoPerfect Love Story

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Fbb TV launches first-ever interactive Instagram web series: #PujoPerfect Love Story

Capturing the essence of Durga Pujo, #PujoPerfect Love Story is a heartwarming tale of Roy and Ananya who are experiencing the beginning of a new relationship.

In a bid to capture the true essence of Durga Pujo, fbb TV has created an immersive web series, #PujoPerfect Love Story, a tale narrating the budding love of a couple. What is interesting is that the campaign is the first-ever interactive web series on Instagram where the brand’s Instagram community gets to decide what happens next in this cute love saga. 

Durga Pujo is about new beginnings – the shopping of new clothes, planning new looks and engaging in new friendships. With #PujoPerfect Love Story, the fashion brand captures the spirit of a new relationship, dealing with situations and questions that every millennial is faced with. 

In every episode, #PujoPerfect Love Story will solve dilemmas often faced by young couples like who should make the first move, how to dress to impress, and more. As the episode goes live, Instagram users will be given the opportunity to share tips and tricks with the protagonists hence deciding what happens next. 

The interactive web series gives fans and followers an opportunity to be a part of the story as opposed to being a mere spectator. Further, Roy and Ananya’s innocence and youthful charm keep you hooked on to your screen, urging the consumers to share their thoughts, engage with the love story and keep them curious about what happens next. Along with this, users also get Pujo shopping offers with every swipe-up which they can redeem at the stores. 

Launched on fbb’s Instagram handle, the brand’s fashion content hub, #PujoPerfect Love Story breaks the monotony of festive campaigns that often harp on social causes or emotional storylines, leaving little to the imagination. Will Ananya and Roy be together this Durga Pujo or will they part ways? Well, that’s for you to decide, literally. 


This Instagram web series launched yesterday on the Instagram handle @fbbonline and will launch a new episode every day till September 23rd.

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