LinkedIn announces Skill Assessments to help users get hired

In the coming weeks, LinkedIn will roll out Skill Assessments feature wherein users will get badges if they pass the relevant test.

LinkedIn Skill Assessments will be a new way for users on the platform to validate the skills they have acquired over time and showcase proficiency levels. The users will get badges that can be displayed on profile, helping with discoverability and opportunities. According to LinkedIn, early results have shown that the candidates who complete these tests are approximately 30% more likely to get hired.

Each skillset test in the feature is constructed through a rigorous content creation and review process in partnership with LinkedIn Learning industry and subject matter experts. Once candidates have completed an assessment, a badge will be displayed on their profile in LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Jobs, so hirers are able to quickly identify and verify skill proficiency.

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The candidates will have to be in the 70th percentile or above to pass the test and get the option to add a ‘verified skill’ badge to their profile. The result will be kept private to the user, giving them complete control over the visibility of their results. In case they don’t pass the test, they will be taken through learning courses they case take to brush us their skills.

After the user has passed an assessment for an in-demand skill, the platform will also send them relevant job recommendations as soon as they’re posted.

In the coming week, the feature will be rolled out globally and users will be able to choose from various coding languages, design software and everyday business tools. The platform aims to expand the number of available skills in the future.