Numero Uno steps up the game with #UnboxingArtists

After the successful launch #UnboxingArtists, Numero Uno unboxes new artists as part of their ongoing campaign, Unboxing artist 2.0.

Been one of the oldest Jeanswear brands, Numero Uno speaks the ‘I’ in every Denim wearer. They call on the rebel spirit of today’s generation with #UnboxingArtists and treasures their quirks and divergent attributes that screams ‘DenIM’ (read then I am) in them.

Denim has always been associated with youth who believe in themselves and refuses to be labeled by the society, Numero Uno, India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels promote such art  who keeps the youth spirit alive with their eloquent music. They now bring 3 new artists who cultivate new music with their poetic aesthetics.

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Taba Chake, a fingerstyle guitarist who belongs from Arunachal is affluent in English, Hindi and Nyishi loves being called as complicated by his friends. This city musician says “if setting my own path makes me a lost cause, Den I’M.”

Another artist, who is unboxed by Numero Uno in their campaign, is Raghav Meattle who believes in creating his own content and not intrigued by fame or money says “if chasing after the truth makes me paranoid, DEN I’M.”

There comes another artist Aarifah Rebello, who calls herself as awkward, nervous and shy but builds some unconventional music via vocals, with her guitar and even with a set of drums says “if you still think being awkward makes me a misfit, DEN I’M.”

Asha Esther Jaikishan, Head of marketing, Numero Uno, says about the campaign “We received a lot of appreciation and love for our campaign ‘Unboxing artist’ and that’s when we decided to continue with ‘Unboxing artist 2.0’ and appreciate the talent of our country. We are on a lookout for more such underdog artists who don’t get the opportunity to portray their expertise; we will help them launch their skills and flair with this ongoing unboxing artist programme”

With this, Numero Uno is on a hunt for the new progressive talent in our country to showcase their dexterity in music and get a chance to be launched by Numero Uno. They are running an online contest for the budding singer/songwriter to upload an original song/composition on Instagram or Facebook) and tag the brand. The winner will get a chance to be launched exclusively by the brand and record an original composition, a music video and an opportunity to perform an intimate live gig.