#SamosaTalks Highest order is when consumer wants to co-create with you: Anil Nair, CEO, VMLY&R

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Anil Nair

Anil Nair shares his two cents on the changing times in the M&A industry, VMLY&R's journey, tips for marketers, and more.

Anil Nair comes with three decades of experience in the M & A industry. He joined the organization at a time when VML was transforming to VMLY&R.

Nair shared that VMLY&R has been in the country for almost 5 years. “As an agency, we look at both sides of the spectrum and bring the right-brain and left-brain kind of an approach to business problem-solving ”, he Nair added.

Speaking on the creation of ‘connected brands’, Nair highlights that the consumer has a journey where brands step in and out of the journey at different points in time. He further explains that brands need to stay connected in that journey of the consumer through data and creativity.

He continues that the highest order of achievement is when the consumer wants to co-create with you. “To me, that is the highest form of recognition and reverence that people can give brands”.

Nair sheds light on mergers and acquisitions in the industry. For the two conglomerates coming together, he gleams with pride and mentions that if ever the marriage has to be amongst two worthies or people of the same stature coming together, Y&R and VML are well-suited for the move.

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“Imagine the creative tension and the ability that exists when the two powerhouses come together. This creates a dynamic scenario with great creativity powered by data, technology, and innovation.”

In the end, he quips in that we need to stop having a frog and a pond mindset. Today is an era of learning and evolution, he further adds.

Watch the complete interview below:

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