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The Family Man trailer launch campaign

The Family Man trailer launch campaign has been executed at various levels with an objective to generate curiosity around the show in the digital world with the hashtag #ShrikantKuchChupaRahaHai.

Introduction - The Family Man trailer launch campaign

Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man is an upcoming Indian thriller web series about an undercover NIA (National Intelligence Agency) agent. The lead character Srikant Tiwari is essayed by Manoj Bajypayee who juggles between his domestic life of a family man and professional life of an intelligence officer dealing with terrorists. With this take a look at how The Family Man trailer launch campaign panned out.


Shrikant Tiwari, aka The Mystery Man was introduced to audiences through #ShrikantKuchChupaRahaHai. It all started with Srikant hiding little details across other Amazon Prime Video social accounts. On Twitter, a verified handle of the lead character @SrikantTFM started shooting out riddles and coded emojis to brands and influencers.

This activity created and influencers were roped in - cricketers like Gautam Gambhir and Suryakumar Yadav, celebs like Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zinta, Zareen Khan, Siddhant Charturvedi, Aayush Sharma, journalists like Ayaz Menon and Faridoon Shahryar, brands like Fassos, Sony Music, Zee Studios, Zee Music Company, etc. engaging in a friendly banter with Srikant decoding his mysterious tweets.

Srikant’s hand mnemonic look over Instagram and Facebook hiding important elements of influencer posts across categories like Bollywood, sports, travel and food leading to some hilarious and intriguing comments from users.

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#SrikantKuchChupaRahaHai activity garnered a total of 433.2K engagement and it reached 8.5 M+ people and has created an impression on 65 M+ people

On typing “Sri” into the search bar - #SrikantKyaChupaRahaHai is one of the top searches you’ll find.


The Meme Activity

The internet went into a frenzy wanting to know who Srikant is. All the memes and other earned media prove that Srikant is the talk of the town!



The objective through this activity was to roll out memes regarding “Srikanth Kuch Chuppa Raha Hai” and create FOMO and buzz on social media. The brand co-created content with popular meme pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which created anticipation and built curiosity.

Responses received

#SrikantKuchChupaRahaHai garnered 1200+ memes across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This activity garnered 1.1M+ reach on Instagram and 82k+ engagement in 2 days.

The Mystery Trailer Launch Activity

Post the reveal, SrikantTiwari started testing Indians on their ability to keep a secret. He sent out a tweet which compelled his fans to like/retweet his tweet and follow his handle in order to get a secret link of the trailer.

The trailer of ‘The Family Man’ was leaked by the viewers who failed at keeping a secret shared by the shows lead character, Srikant Tiwari.


  • Within 24 hours of the tweet through Amazon Prime Video and Manoj Bajpayee’s handle, over 18k Twitterat interacted with the tweet
  • Almost 20,000 twitterati were tracked playing the Secret link game with Srikant in last 48 hours.

The trailer of ‘The Family Man’ was leaked by the viewers who failed at keeping a secret shared by the shows lead character, Srikant Tiwari.

While other users 's followed Skrikant’s instructions, they shared their excitement and trailer reviews on their handles, without sharing the link and trying to prove that India can keep a secret!

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