Case Study: Decoding The Man Company World Cup campaign

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The Man Company World Cup campaign

The Man Company World Cup campaign paid tribute to the 'gentleman's game' in its true spirit at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 with #TheManGotGame.

The idea was to popularize the brand while standing out amidst the intense clutter in the world cup campaigns space. Detailed The Man Company World Cup campaign case study below:

Category Introduction:

Male Grooming category has seen over 300% increase in search volumes since 2014. Studies have proven that nowadays men spend 42 minutes on an average on grooming themselves and consider it an important part of their routine. The male grooming industry was worth ₹ 16,800 Crore in 2018 and is projected to grow up to ₹35,000 Crore by 2020.

Brand Introduction:

The Man Company (TMC) offers head to toe range of grooming essentials, ranging from hair, face & body products to beard and shave products for men.

The brands objective has always been to formulate skin, hair and body care products of the purest and the finest quality. But beyond just giving class-leading products that are beneficial to aesthetic improvement, they are meticulous about the ingredients being used. Their entire product range is free of harmful chemicals and infused with handpicked natural ingredients and premium essential oils.


The Man Company celebrated the World Cup by not only engaging the audience but also turned the campaign into a gamified version of the World cup. By incorporating cricket terminologies with grooming styles and qualities of various cricketers with the ethos of the brand, TMC managed to attract both types of users – cricket fanatics and grooming enthusiasts.


The key intention was to maintain the core positioning of the brand, as one that supports the ideology of being a true gentleman in all senses. The campaign was also inclined towards increasing audience retention and engagement on the brand page.


With the ICC World Cup 2019 fever, The

Man Company wanted to tap into the cricket fever and build affinity for the

brand by making it relatable to the inner gentleman that resides in every Man.

Creative Idea:

With its roots in India’s passion for cricket, #TheManGotGame, conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide, was not only a tribute to the gentleman’s game but also an initiative to encourage TMC's very own ‘Men in Blue’. ‘The man’ refers to the brand name, and ‘Got game’ refers to the World Cup, grooming and gentlemanly etiquettes.

Two new gentlemanly

gestures: #TheBeardShake and #TheManThump, were aimed at supporting the Indian

Cricket team during the World Cup. Though the contest is hard on the field, it

is rightly played with a sporting spirit and camaraderie. In #TheBeardShake,

two opponents (social media fans) walk in front of each other and while

stroking their beards they shake hands, thereby promising an honourable game


#TheManThump signifies that the fans stand by the Indian cricket team & support them - irrespective of the match situation - by giving a thump on their chests as a sign of encouraging the team. The campaign urged fans to share their version of both activities on social media platforms to show their support for the Men in Blue.

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Differentiate and

engage with our TG during the biggest sporting event of the country that has a

lot of advertisers and brands with deeper pockets 

Execution: -

The Campaign was executed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and encouraged people to adopt the gentleman gestures that would be used during the sport.

It also had other activities that encouraged people to post a picture of their hairstyle or beard style and tag The Man Company and mention hashtags #TheManGotGame #UpYourGroomingGame.

It also had hair styling tips on how to style like our Cricketers and other posts in which the audience had to guess the cricketer with the hint provided. 

Thematic real-time posts were also made during various matches. Many trending moments were picked and portrayed in a quirky and humorous tone, thereby establishing connect with audiences.



campaign results are as follow: 


  • Total Engagement: 1,00,43,301
  • Total Reach: 3,57,34,259
  • Total Impression: 3,84,84,861


  • Total Engagement: 92,08,324
  • Total Reach: 3,69,56,811
  • Total Impression: 4,16,69,557


  • Total Engagement: 4,274
  • Total Impression: 2,46,907

The brand saw a rise

in the follower base across all social platforms. The campaign was successful

in maintaining that cricket is a gentleman’s game along and that the brand

stands for everything gentlemanly.

Talking about the conceptualization of the campaign, Akanksha Singhal, Business Head (North), Tonic Worldwide said, “When we started ideating on this campaign, our key intention was to maintain the core positioning of the brand, as one that supports the ideology of being a true gentleman in all senses. #TheManGotGame is an ode to the true sportsman spirit of the Gentleman’s Game - Cricket, and our acknowledgment that those who have their grooming game right are the men who’ve got game.” 

Hitesh Dhingra, Founder & MD, The Man Company stated, “Being a gentleman is a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. With the help of Tonic Worldwide, #TheManGotGame became an elaborate attempt by The Man Company to bring out this facet of the brand positioning and that of cricketers who dedicate themselves to The Gentleman’s game, and in the process, guide our users to elevate their grooming game and become a better version of themselves.”

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