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Instagram Music brand posts

Instagram Music brand posts have got the socioverse grooving with a musical brand-connect.

Instgram users have been jiving since the roll-out of Instagram Music in India and the painful message that said: "Instagram Music isn't available in your region' is nowhere to be seen". Brands are using this topical theme to highlight their products, share relatable instances and acknowledge the moment with relevant marketing. Take a look at some Instagram Music brand posts we came across.

While all the Instagram Stories you see maybe going "Baby Shark do-do-do", each brand is dancing to a different track with their topical posts.

Instagram Music taps different moods and so have these brands. JBL India's creative gets you grooving, Dunzo directs you to your jam if you are looking for instant deliveries.

AXN India, on the other hand, shares a relatable instance and Prost Brew Pub fills your glass with a pun.

Swiggy India has managed to emerge as the 'Top Artist' in today's charts. So, Swiggy did a series of Instagram Stories depicting instances you might experience while ordering food with the help of this feature and relevant songs.

Catch more of such brands' latest melodies.

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Swiggy India

JBL India


Sodexo Benefits Club India

Under 25 Dictionary

AXN India

Prost Brew Pub

BuzzFeed India

Rico Appliances

Eager Beavers Preschool


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