Brands create waves with Instagram tap posts

Instagram tap posts

A trend has resurfaced on the photo-sharing platform with brands innovating through Instagram tap posts to create engaging posts on feed.

After Swiggy India went live with the tap post on the occasion of Ganpati Visarjan, the feature got picked up by other brands, each innovating with it to fit their narrative. While some used Instagram tap posts to help followers explore their general features and offerings, some concentrated on specific products.

It is definitely a great option for sister brands and publications to redirect users to each other. Influencers too can benefit it from a great deal, especially those who blog about fashion and cosmetics, wherein they can tag the specific brands and ask people to tap to know, instead of tagging brands in the caption.

Swiggy had used it to list the various dishes that are prominently made, shared, and consumed during the Ganpati festival, especially in Mumbai. It gained prominence among the agency circles, prompting brands to come aboard and create a trend. The fact that it leads to a certain degree of engagement with users is what makes it interesting.

The downside to the idea is how it led to the creation of multiple empty accounts that were tagged in the creatives. In some instances, random accounts were also tagged. In the case of Fevicol, they were able to do this right by creating two new accounts and putting up one picture on them each. The message being: the pictures are of the same chair, presumably clicked 60 years apart.

However, it should be noted that the phenomenon is not a new one for we could find it at play in Beck’s Ice beer photo that went live towards the end of July this year. It listed three qualities that contribute to giving their beer products a smooth texture. Three accounts are tagged to highlight this on the neck of the beer bottle in the picture.


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Beck’s Ice

LPO Holidays

Papa Brands Inc

Brackets Infinity

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