#VolvoBusTribe: Decoding the community-building attempt

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Sep 25, 2019 03:14 IST
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Here's a detailed case study on Volvo Buses leveraged user-generated content via Facebook and Instagram to create their #VolvoBusTribe, an engaged community.

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Brand Introduction:

Volvo Buses are the world’s biggest manufacturers of luxury buses and coaches. As a socially responsible Bus service, Volvo Buses India is based on the core values of Quality, Safety, and Environmental Care.

Volvo Buses India believes in innovative solutions that improve everyday life for people and entire cities, today and tomorrow. As a provider of sturdy, comfortable coaches, Volvo has become popular among Indians who love traveling in it especially for long-distance road journeys.


Volvo Buses India decided to leverage their fan following with the Indian audience to create heartwarming content that would click with them.


  1. To increase Volvo Buses India’s presence on Instagram and Facebook
  2. To use sentiments of bus fans positively so that they feel acknowledged
  3. To leverage user-generated content to gain more followers

Campaign Strategy

The basic idea was to use fan messages on Instagram and Facebook positively and feature interesting experiences of people all around the country. #VolvoBusTribe enabled the brand to hear them out, interact with them as brand representatives and make them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Volvo Busses used content and images from normal people across India (mostly from remote parts of the country) and created an image which went along with their story of admiration for Volvo Buses India.  

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A questionnaire was sent to every bus fan who messaged/tagged Volvo. The messages also asked them if they would be interested in getting featured on the brand's social media handles and are open to sharing personal information like name, city, age, etc. with us.

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Volvo buses have excited me from time immemorial. I have always been a diehard fan be it trucks or buses. According to me, Volvo entering the India market was a revolutionary move for the bus industry in India. The comfort reaches a new level altogether and as a bus enthusiast, it has been absolutely blissful to see how drivers tame these beasts (buses) flawlessly.  The drivers are given appropriate training and safety is a prime focus with Volvo. Needless to mention, it looks classy too. I have travelled in Volvo buses countless times, be it Shivneri buses that exclusively service the Mumbai-Pune route, KSRTC, Shivneri and SRS that run along the Bengaluru-Pune route (during my 2-year stay in Bengaluru, I would shuffle between the two cities on weekends), or the Vayu Vajra from KAIL to Bengaluru city or within Bengaluru city. My overall experience has always been exceptional. Volvos are always well-maintained and I have never had any complaints. Comfort, safety and speed, it is all a joyous combination with Volvo. During my stay in Bengaluru when I used to travel to Pune/Mumbai over the weekends, I had become a regular shuffling between MSRTC, KSRTC (multiple schedules) and SRS (multiple schedules). I would always look for seats in the first row which is why the crew had begun to recognize me by face and would exchange pleasantries. It felt wonderful, almost like home. #VolvoBusTribe #Stories #TravelWithVolvo #VolvoBusesIndia #TravelTales #TravelStories #VolvoJourney #Pune #Maharashtra

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These answers were polished to create a post that went along with their images. When the first from this on-going series went live, more and more people began to write in with requests to be featured. 


stories of people’s Volvo Bus experiences are being continuously published as

an ode to their loyalty for the brand.  An exclusive hashtag #VolvoBusTribe was created and was used along with all these story features.

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Only a bus-enthusiast like me will know the true worth of Volvo buses. I’ve always had a fascination for buses and Volvo has been one of my favourites. I live in Assam and Volvo buses entered the market here pretty late. However, I am thankful to all the operators and Volvo India for making its facilities available to us. I’ve always been a big fan of clicking and capturing photos of buses that are used for commute here. In fact, I am also part of a Facebook group called Buses of Assam, a bus-enthusiasts’ fan club. This group has like-minded people share their love for buses and has made it possible for me to chase buses and click fascinating photos of them - most of which are of Volvo buses. I keep most of my morning schedule free to take pictures of various buses which cruise through my town. I wait for long hours on the highway (from 5 am to 8 am) just to get a photo of Chartered, ASTC low floor 8400 and John Volvo Buses. My all-time favourite is the Chartered Volvo that runs across the Guwahati to Tezpur/Shillong route. The comfort and safety which I feel in the Volvo buses are one of the best and I wish to see more Volvo coaches in my state in the future. Volvo’s service and its comfort keep the passengers happy. My love for Volvo buses is only growing every day as people are more willing to travel in these coaches. If someday I would get a chance to visit the Volvo factory, it would be a dream come true. #VolvoBusTribe #Stories #TravelWithVolvo #VolvoBusesIndia #TravelTales #TravelStories #VolvoJourney #Nagaon #Assam

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  1. Fans began to take notice of this campaign. Many wrote in with requests to be featured, increasing brand engagement.
  2. People who were featured also shared the story on their Instagram/Facebook feeds thus creating more brand awareness.
  3. Every post has received over 400 organic Likes on Instagram.
  4. 8 posts have been shared so far, which generated a total of over 80,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. The posts also garnered over 6,000 engagements on both the platforms.
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