World Contraception Day brand posts emphasize power of prevention

World Contraception Day brand posts

World Contraception Day brand posts are on the pursuit to educate and effectuate the mankind, so they don’t hesitate to penetrate.

Sexual Intercourse is a fundamental part of our existence, and also the reason for our existence. Although unfortunately, there are numerous taboos attached to sex, especially in India. World Contraception Day is devoted to raise awareness and educate everyone on the significance of sexual health. Brands chip in with World Contraception Day brand posts.

Brands that launched campaigns serving this cause were primarily condom manufacturers, medical service providers, non-profit organizations, and NGOs.

The day holds maximum relevance for these brands to induce ‘call to action’ advertising, which might increase their sales along with brand awareness while fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

World Contraception Day brand posts are also fairly creative, tapping on various taboos, perceptions, misconceptions, and instances around sex, while few of them were also educative. Brands such as Durex India, Manforce Condoms, Skore India, World Health Organization, and more leveraged the day to be a part of a bigger conversation.

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World Health Organization (WHO)

PharmEasy App


Kamasutra Condoms

Manforce Condoms

Durex India

Skore India


Manipal Hospitals

Feminism in India

Bureau of Indian Standards

Impulse New Delhi

Save the Children


RC Bangalore Southwest

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