YouTube launches Music Charts in India; will let you keep a tab on trending

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YouTube Charts

YouTube Charts has been launched in India to enhance the Music Charts experience and showcase & celebrate artists and music from around the world.

With more than 2 billion global users and 265 million users every month in India, YouTube Charts has been rolled out for you to see what’s popular, what’s rising and trending both locally in India and globally.

The YouTube charts are a reflection of the success achieved by artists on the music platform.


The new Trending chart is updated multiple times a day to provide a real time view of the hottest new music fans are enjoying.

The Trending chart is YouTube’s first dedicated external signal highlighting videos which were instantly popular upon release based on the total of organic views.

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Top Songs

The Top Songs chart highlights the number of organic views of a song on YouTube. Calculated by combining all official versions of a song (including the official music video, official song used in user generated content and lyric videos), the Top Songs chart reflects how users are consuming music on the platform and the multiple ways artists are using YouTube to share their music. The Top Songs chart is updated weekly on Monday at 12.30 IST.

Top Artists

The Top Artists chart highlights the most popular artists on YouTube, based on the total organic views of their entire discography - official music videos, official song used in user generated content, lyric videos, and more. Top Artists is updated weekly on Monday at 12.30 IST.

Top Music Videos

The Top Music Videos chart celebrates the music video experience on YouTube, highlighting the most viewed official music videos on the platform. Top Videos is updated weekly on Monday at 12.30 IST based on the total of organic views.

YouTube Charts are also available within YouTube Music, including Top 100 most played songs and top 100 music videos globally and locally and top 30 Trending chart.

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