YouTube tests Profile Cards for commenters


YouTube is working on a feature named Profile Cards that would display a viewer’s recent comments.

When you’re reading a comment on a video, and click on the commenter, you can find their recent comments below the heading ‘Recent comments on this channel’.

It would show the commenter’s comments posted within the last 12 months. However, Profile Cards would not show comments left on any other channels.

The Profile Cards feature was announced by Creator Insider, an informal YouTube channel from the YouTube Creator technical team.

The video describes, “We hope that it would strengthen connections within the YouTube community and would help creators recognize some of their best commenters”.

It’s unclear how the feature would ‘strengthen’ the community but it would give you a broader idea of a user’s commenting habits.

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With this feature, creators can differentiate between constant trolls and people who genuinely don’t like a piece of content and also recognize their true-blue followers.

The video further announced that YouTube would also be posting blogs about removing harmful content from the platform.

Another feature being tested with a small group of creators is a personalized message from the creator, that would appear beside the subscriber button. The feature is being tested to see if a viewer is likely to subscribe a creator after reading the message.

You can think of the feature as a cover letter one uses in emails.