ACC celebrates the power to change this Diwali

Social Samosa
Oct 30, 2019 08:34 IST
ACC Cement Diwali campaign

ACC Cement Diwali campaign puts the spotlight on the social heroes bringing out change for good in the society.

To make a positive change in society, one needs to fight against all odds. Very few people are able to take this bold step, but when they do this, they always create ‘Kamaal’ for society and are an inspiration to many. ACC Cement Diwali campaign shares their take on this thought.

ACC has come out with a new film this Diwali which celebrates the power to change, evolve, and kindle new thinking. The film is about a small town new-age mother who breaks societal norms for her daughter and is a role model for many.

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Ashish Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, ACC Limited, said, “We at ACC believe in the brand philosophy of Karein Kuch Kamaal. And kamaal is not only about our actions and doing things differently but also about our thoughts and thinking new, thinking different. Through this film, ACC would like to encourage social change in India.”

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