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Agency Feature: Bluant Digital

Who is Bluant Digital?

Ahead of Codes and Keywords, We Add Soul to Digital Marketing.

We are a dynamic, young and blue digital agency that has started spreading its network across the binary world two years back. We believe our analytical strategy, innovative approach, and unique creative credibility is our strength to resolve problems and deliver quantifiable impact on our clients’ business.


What's in the name Bluant?

We believe we are strong, unified, intelligent and capable of making our own way when needed. And look at the coincidence! All of the qualities we claim to have born with matches with an ant!

Blu… Because we like the colour and psycho-analysis of the colour kind of matches our philosophy. That is how simple the name’s significance is.

The domains we dominate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Email Marketing, Website Development, Creative Contents Development, App Development and, we have our Traditional Advertising Vertical as well.

Why we do it?

Digital marketing has its own charm that attracts billions and billions of people and makes it an integral part of the marketing strategy for every brand. However, we perceive the functional aspects of digital marketing companies to be even more enlightening — more than performing one specific task; digital marketing adds value to your brand in terms of ROI.

But to reach this far, one must utilize proper tools, techniques, and expert guidance. This is where a digital agency comes into play. We research, assess the problem area and provide a tailor-made strategy that will benefit the brands the best way possible.

How we evolve?

We are continually in the process of keeping a tab on what is happening around and how we can better that and in the process come up with something path-breaking. Yeah, we do try to do that every day… literally every day.   

Apart from the usual, we travel, watch movies, read books, laugh hard, party harder and try and take inspiration from everything.

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Social responsibility in social media

As an agency how are we conducting ourselves and assimilating which information for whom, how far are we checking its reliability and judging its impact upon the audience is very important. And we try to be responsible that way. 

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. From our experience, we think that the protocol needs to be more specified and it has to be done as soon as possible.

We learned the hard way

Honestly speaking, we haven’t yet faced something ruthless. We always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So, even if some hard blow comes up, we will be ready to face the impact, learn from that, alter our route accordingly and keep moving forward like a proud ant.

Did we just share that?

Last year on Eid, we had run an ad in Bangladesh, greeting them for the occasion. The ad got us huge mileage in Bangladesh; people thoroughly liked the ad and got engaged with us. Eventually, it earned us a giant FMCG company from the country.  

They work with Bluant Digital

We are business partners with Khaitan Fans, MAGS, Adhunik Industries Pvt. Ltd., Ori-Plast Ltd., Mendine Pharmaceuticals, Shree Hari, GLS Realty Pvt. Ltd., Palsons Drugs and Shibacorn Udyog.

Industry as we foresee

As we know, the digital marketing industry in India has rapidly grown at a rate of 50% since 2016, and it is predicted to become a $102 Billion industry by the end of the year. It is high time for the remaining brands to come forward and join the digital force. Otherwise, in 5 years down the line, their existence will face a greater existential crisis.

 A day without Internet

If for a day, it would be good. It will give us more time to invest in reading a book, the opportunity to meet people in real and talk about the world around and of course, travel. 

If for more days, we are doomed!

Lastly, is Bluant Digital hiring?

Yes, please!  We have been actively looking for an SEO expert, a Project Executive and a Creative Content Developer who can manage, analyze, optimize and execute online campaigns and still stay alive and hearty.

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