Agency Feature: Brandstudio

Agency Feature: Brandstudio

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, Brandstudio offers complete solutions in branding across channels.

With 25+ clients, across industries, it works with multi-national companies, small and medium-sized Indian companies, small firms, and individuals. Working on a collaborator model, the agency aims to deliver efficient results.

What’s in the name?

It’s simple and straight forward. People get it right the very first time.

What do we do?

  • Brand Identity, strengthening for established brands, creation from scratch for new brands, rebranding
  • Brand Experience with Event and Premises branding, Campaigns and Promotions, Packaging design, Photoshoots.
  • Creative, Design and Communication for sales and marketing material.
  • Employer Branding by communicating Vision, Core Values, Brand Promise for Employees, Business Partners, Customers, and Prospects.
  • Digital Solutions with Digital Marketing Strategy, Websites, Digital creatives for Social Media Tools, Films, Analytics.

Why we do it?

For Passion, Creativity and the Profession itself

How do we evolve?

  • Continuous learning by adding life experiences.
  • Working on new industries’ projects
  • By working on first-time projects.

Social responsibility in social media

We educate clients about plagiarism and cybercrime. We make our clients either buy images or settle for free to use images. We encourage influential brands to spread social messages via social media.

The need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. We need to educate clients with do’s and don’ts for social networking, in parallel to professional communication.

We learned the hard way

There are no shortcuts. For every single proposal, which may or may not go through, in B2B space, we had to understand the specific industry, inside out.

It is difficult to show the value-add for some run of the mill/commoditized projects, even though its tremendous investment of efforts and energy.

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The industry as we foresee

It will undergo some regularization and course correction due to information overload. Some digital marketers with limited or low business acumen will exit. Users and buyers will be more aware and conscious of social media usage and its subsequent outcome. Content will play a very important role.

A day without Internet

No instant gratification. It could be shocking for many. Life experiences with real outdoor/on-ground sports, creativity by hand, physical interaction and communication amongst people, a blissful time. The self-realization of how much time I lose every single day of my life when the internet is available on my fingertips.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Not at the moment.