Agency Feature: Makani Creatives

Makani Creatives

Who is Makani Creatives?

Makani Creatives is a 23-year-old advertising agency based out of Mumbai, India. We have always believed in doing things a little differently. We lead the change with ideas at the core, measure growth via the client’s business as well as the brand’s profitability and not by the number of accounts that we win.

A 150+ strategic collective housed in an open office that reflects the agency’s open culture and belief has enabled us to create quite a few memorable campaigns. The team is equipped with a free hand to ideate, create ideas for the campaigns that hit the right chord with the audience.

What’s in the name?  

What started as a printing firm moved on to become an integrated creative agency to compete with; Founded in 1996 by Sameer and Ashish Makani, the agency was named Makani Creatives with an intention to increase the recall value to the client.

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We got our first big break with the designing of creatives and ads for Provogue in the year 2000. The ad campaign conceptualized by Makanis broke all barriers of conventional advertising norms creating pathways for agencies to come.

What do we do?

We provide end to end branding solutions, right from communication to strategy and its execution and we are on a parabolic path shifting from being brand custodians to becoming strategic partners to our clients and helping them navigate the constantly evolving consumer landscape better.

Makani with its Digital wing, ‘Beyond Future’ is all about offering a blend of traditional and contemporary solutions that are at the forefront of digital change.

Why we do it?

We do it because of the passion to be distinctive in this cluttered environment. We live in a world where there are thousands of agencies working for thousands of clients claiming to be different than others.

How we evolve?  

We always recommend pushing boundaries and finding unconventional ways to create wider and better impact. Enhancing the experience of the audience is the key and we would rather explore every aspect of every channel than restrict ourselves to one single channel.    

Social responsibility in social media  

Possessing the power to influence people comes with its own set of responsibilities. We always ensure that campaigns/contents are created keeping in mind the social responsibility while following social media ethics. The larger goal is to create/share the content which is relevant in the ever-evolving world and educates customers/audiences on a variety of subjects.

The need of the hour

In this ever-growing tech-driven digital world, privacy is the utmost concern of any individual. There is a need for better social networking laws with full clarity to ensure that transparency is maintained across platforms. As an agency, we also recommend that every form of communication is well documented to ensure seamless communication between brands and agencies.

We’ve learned the hard way  

Clients often expect agencies to accomplish any given task in a short span of time along with a tight budget. This mostly leads to a path where the final product fails to provide the desired output due to unrealistic expectations.

They work with us

As mentioned that we always believe in fostering relationships with a 360 degree cover for the brand’s communication, as a result, we have long term relationships with Metro Shoes, Mochi Footwear, Siyarams, Nilkamal, at home, Idee & Image Eyewear, to name a few.

The industry as we foresee

We live in a tech-driven world and new technology emerges every other day. There’s a paradigm shift on who we call a celebrity/influencer today. Going forward the industry will get more connected, celebrities will be within the reach of the consumers and brands will get more transparent.

A day without Internet

Although the internet plays a larger role in the day to day life of any agency it is not the only medium for communication. A day without the internet will just make us find an alternate way to communicate, preparing us to deal with situations like these in the future.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are! We always encourage new talent and every individual possesses a different caliber.