Agency Feature: Witty Media

Witty Media

Who is Witty Media?

Witty Media is a Creative Agency specializing in Digital Communications & Film Production. We operate across various mediums and aim at delivering excellence in creative communication.

In the last 7 years, we’ve been associated with a lot of top brands in India, serving all needs from Digital graphics to films and branded content. Over the last 5 years, we’ve completely focussed on films and written/directed/produced all kinds of content.

What’s in the name?

Witty Media – it is because we aim at creating campaigns that are every bit creative and clever. Communicating strategic messages in a simple, striking visual style is our specialty.

What do we do?

Right from strategy to conceptualization to design services to scripting and film production, we provide 360-degree services to our clients.

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Why we do it?

We entered the market to design and deliver inspiring work and support our client’s businesses to perform at it’s best.

How we evolve?

Starting with graphic services and initials

Social responsibility in social media

We are particular about our content and research, hence we foolproof the content. Also, we keep a distinct point of view.

The need of the hour

A sense of hygiene in filmmaking is very critical, our audience is evolved to look and appreciate good work.

Creators in our industry need to learn and understand the basic reason, essence of advertising and keep the fundamentals intact before trying out something fancy.

We learned the hard way

The rush to compromise quality over budget is not a very good idea. We feel whenever we’ve cut corners and tried to adjust a solution to fit a certain unreasonable budget, things have become really difficult to execute.

Advertising is an expensive channel and when the client is spending good enough on the media run, it is very critical to have the right creative represent it and do justice to that media spend. That’s where true ownership lies!

They work with us

McDonald’s India, Cipla Pharmaceuticals, Axis Bank and Tanishq 

The industry as we foresee

Indian Social media has actually been through a few of the most interesting turns in this roller coaster ride. We see user-engaging content to still remain a key focus for a lot of brands.

Our audience has become more receptive to creative/out of the box ideas and would go an extra mile for the experience through interactive and experimental content creation.

A day without Internet


Lastly, are you hiring?

Not at the moment.