Agency Feature: Yowza Consulting

Yowza Consulting

Who is Yowza?

Yowza Consulting has garnered over 5 years in the digital field and works with a result-driven approach. We have an enigmatic team of enthusiastic professionals who are curious and equally goal-oriented. With extensive research about branding and equally extensive market analysis, we will help you reach your objective efficiently.

Your brand and its ideas change and impact every corner, that’s what we believe in.

Why the name?

Well, it embodies everyone working here, and also represents the work culture that we follow. At its core, this is what credibility means to us:

  • Be enthusiastic and ready to rumble.
  • Tailor different approaches, and strategise to deduce possible deviations.
  • Cross-check, and prepare for the worst possible outcome.

This works for us, and here we are with the name, Yowza!

What do we do?

We deliver what we tell you, plain and simple. Not too boisterous or flashy, Yowza works on rationality, teamed with a result-driven approach. Like well-collated functions in a computer program, we serve your purpose.

Now, for the catalog of things that we do. Our digital approach is a holistic one. We cover:

  • Social media marketing
  • Performance marketing (Paid Campaign Management)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital media planning
  • Analytics solutions

How do we do it?

We account for measurables that are generally not factored in. And we do it with the help of past and present data, so we’re sure of filling those voids.

Planning and strategizing have been significant even before the medieval ages, and we take it seriously too. Your plans and objectives, combined with our strategy and execution, will make the perfect concoction for success.

How we evolve?

Over time, one learns to understand patterns and tries to zero in on the anomalies. And then, they act on it (like the basic principle of a working human mind).

Similarly, we try to do this in the form of market analysis with permutations and combinations. This helps us grow every day. Hence, Yowza is a 5-year-old tree with ample fruits on it.

Our priorities in marketing and advertising

We have tons and tons of data, but what to use and where to use it are questions that keep phasing in and out.

The digital world has emerged with a lot of prospects, and what one targets depends on a decent amount of research. Keeping the digital landscape in perspective, we render your objectives with the right tools.

We learned many things

Primarily, do not butcher ROI at the cost of scaling. We learn new things every day, and what worked yesterday might not always work tomorrow. This has made us conscious and cognizant of the ever-increasing digital market.

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The Clientele

TataCLiQ, TataCLiQ Luxury, Indiluxe by TataCLiQ Luxury, Hidesign, Network 18, GreyCells 18, Tata Health, Sepalika, Biogetica, to name a few.

The Industry, as we foresee

The marketing domain is still vast and unexplored, and the right approach will lead to the right lead (pun intended). With new businesses entering the market, only the people with up-to-date knowledge will steer their ships in the right direction.

A day without Internet

A day without the Internet? It would be a wonderful and rejuvenating experience! Although we might face some losses, but it’s worth it.

Lastly, are we hiring?

Not currently, but we might enlist openings in the near future.