Brands optimise Instagram reactions interface for posts

reaction interface

Armed with #MyReactions, brands tweaked the reactions interface that is akin to the comments section on Instagram, optimising it for posts.

Making followers feel something is a plus for any brand over social media. The idea to engage via an emotion is one that can ensure high brand recall. However, what if you could help followers associate you with a bunch of specific feelings that are in sync with your brand identity? One of the most recent sets of trending posts that have recently become popular is the use of Instagram reaction interface to create such an effect.

When a user goes to comment on an Instagram post, they are shown a whole bunch of emoticons they can use to optimise their communication. This particular reaction interface was used by the brands to make creatives that resonate with the characteristics of their brand.

Some used lines to draw associations, while others put forth two sets of icons to do so. In some cases, unique icons were instead of those that depict a certain emotion. The use of logos and text can also be seen in some of the creatives that went live from official profiles of different brands.

Mad Over Donuts

The Irish House

Copper Chimney

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Red Chillies


Policy Bazaar

American Tourister

Goodknight India

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