Brands amp up creativity this #WorldAnimalDay

This #WorldAnimalDay, brands took up the cause to celebrate the many-legged creatures in all their glory in social media creatives.

Every year, #WorldAnimalDay is used as a means to celebrate the animal kingdom and the many beings that make up for it. Given the extent of possibilities that exist around the topic, it is imperative for brands to take it up. While Airbnb took it up to introduce Animals on Airbnb experiences, other brands too were quick to take up the task to push out creatives.

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra had an interesting take on the animal world where they used silhouettes and equated them with pleasure and sexual positions.

Tata Companies

Tata used the opportunity to draw attention to the topic of extinction of animals and how people must come together to save them.

Canon India

In the case of Canon India, the team seems to have tried their hand at driving engagement for they took the crossword way out.

Dessi Cuppa Colachel

With adorable graphics, Dessi Cuppa Colachel attempted to spread the message against cruelty.

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Birla Open Minds

With its creative on the theme, Birla Open Minds was able to express that animals deserve love and should be cared for.


Girl:It asked people to share their favourite animal emojis on the occasion, a move to drive engagement.

Pentel Greece

Placing a dog in the visuals, surrounded by their products, Pentel tried to drive home the point that you can draw your favourite animals with them.


MAAC put forth an animated wish, highlighting the unconditional love that is associated with animals.


Portraying the animals as lovable cartoon characters, Sambole created earth by juxtapositioning them together.

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