CenturyPly Heroes captures the unbeatable spirit of carpenters – true heroes of Pujo

CenturyPly Heroes

With the confluence of the spirit of Pujo and the indomitable passion of the real heroes – the carpenters who glorify each festival, CenturyPly launches a new chapter of its series, Century Ply Heroes.

CenturyPly Heroes or the #CPHeroes was an initiative started in 2014 to celebrate the invincible spirit of the true heroes behind the scintillating festivals in India. This year, the brand salutes the unflinching efforts and skills of the carpenters, who contribute to the customers’ lives at large, fervently and frequently.

The campaign initiative is conferred through the poignant life of the traditional ‘Dhaaki players’, without whom the Durga Pujo is incomplete. It comes at the right moment with the onset of the festival to capture the emotions of the community and the relevance of ‘Dhaakis’ during the Pujo.

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Every year, the Durgotsava commences with the sound of the Dhaakis and the traditional structural decorative Pandals. Not many people know as to what really goes behind the lives of the Dhaaki – players with the prominent festival being the only source of income for these instrumentalists.

Similar is the case with the protagonist of #CPHeroes, ‘Horiya’ who is an aging Dhaaki-player, (enacted by the celebrated actor, Rudranil Sengupta) and his differently-abled son in the campaign.

Horiya and his son are passionate about the festival and wish to play the ‘Dhaak’ in one of the traditional ‘Pandals’ but are eliminated from the place citing reasons for replacement from modern team of musicians. Getting no other place to go, the tired duo gets up the next day, only to find their savior in the form of ‘Wooden Footwear’ and a mysterious percussion instrument gifted by ‘Carpenter Kaka’ to the son.

In the end, the team is showcased, rejoicing in the spirit of Durga Pujo, playing Dhaak with the entire community of Dhaaki players, capturing the quintessential emotion of the festival.

CenturyPly Heroes 2019 recognizes the integral role of carpenters in the industry and their mesmerizing work to inspire generations. It also beautifully chronicles the life of a Dhaaki player, leaving viewers with a smile in the end.