Coca Cola Diwali Campaigns opening happiness every festive season

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Coca Cola Diwali Campaigns

Quenching the thirst this festive season are Coca Cola Diwali Campaigns with refreshing and crispy campaigns.

Coca Cola Diwali Campaigns celebrate the Red, White & You by brightening relationships, lighting two extra lamps for the ones that are away from home, and pampering the ones that are with #CokeNawaazi.

Along with, depicting warm relationships and family love, Coca Cola has also tapped themes that are out of the ordinary. Such as the Jungle Boy celebrating Diwali in the city or 'Do Diye Zyaada Jalao' toasting to the places that turned moments into memories.

The notion of going out of the way to share your happiness with others is soaked in Coca Cola Diwali Campaigns. The idea is weaved in almost all of their Diwali Campaigns but is most evident in the 'Share A Coke this Diwali' campaign ft. Ayushmann Khurrana.

This year, Coca Cola continues with its campaign series introduced earlier in the year, with the storyline of a tenant & a landlord ft. Ranbir Kapoor and Paresh Rawal.

The campaign depicts a sad scenario that takes a humorous turn shared between them. It emphasizes on relationships without a common descent and aims to illuminate every relation.

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Relationships in a new light  #HarRishtaRaushan

Bula Rahi Hai Life

Do Diye Zyaada Jalao

Khushiyaan Replay

Share A Coke this Diwali

This Diwali, Celebrate Sibling Love with Coca-Cola

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Bus Strike In Tamil Nadu

#CokeNawaazi this Diwali

Warli Artwork Compilation

Aaya Hai Apna Tyohaar

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