Facebook Messenger gets platform updates

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has been updated with new and improved features such as Private Replies, User Level Persistent Menus and more.

Private Replies

The feature that lets you comment privately on a post (sent as a message), previously was text-only, now with the update businesses can send images, templates, and replies as sent in response to a post or comment on their Page.

Facebook Messenger

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Menu and Composer

Currently, in the beta phase, the apps will be able to provide relevant menu options at different stages of a customer’s journey and change the persistent menu and visibility of the composer.

App Link Support

App Link Support has been introduced for URL buttons. Now when users click URL buttons with the App Link metadata, it will directly open the target native app. This will enable developers and businesses on Facebook Messenger to provide a button that could increase the viewability of their landing page.

Changelog Notifications

Developers can now opt-in to Changelog Notifications by subscribing to email notifications. Changelog is a timeline that gives brief information about the updates that Facebook Messenger goes through and has gone through. Developers, brands, and businesses can subscribe to stay updated and make efficient use of the platform.