Flipkart announces the launch of Flipkart Video Originals

Flipkart video originals

This launch addresses categories that aren’t easily accessible, such as non-fiction and short stories

Flipkart announced its foray into offering original video content with the launch of ‘Flipkart Video Originals’. Integrated within the Flipkart Video platform, which was launched in August this year, Flipkart Video Originals will be produced by some of the best creators in the industry and will be curated especially for the Flipkart platform.

The first creator to join the platform is Academy Award winner Guneet Monga. Guneet is on board as the official creator and curator of short stories for the platform, helping bring to life new-age storytelling for millions of people. Understanding the entertainment needs of today’s consumers, Flipkart Video Originals will make available bespoke snackable content that is both mobile-first and interactive in nature.

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In the months to come, Flipkart will work with some renowned industry talents such as Studio Next, Frames and Sikhya Productions, to bring forth first-of-its-kind content across genres and languages.

The first original series ‘Backbenchers’ hosted by Farah Khan goes live later this month and will feature an array of India’s most-loved celebrities, engaging in a nostalgic banter.

Speaking about Flipkart Video Originals, Prakash Sikaria, Vice President – Growth & Monetization at Flipkart says, “Our singular focus at Flipkart is to bring value to the lives of our consumers, through carefully tailored and curated offerings. When we launched our Video platform earlier this year, our agenda was clear and we were keen to play a role in on-boarding new customers who are not necessarily new to the internet but are new to e-commerce.

There is an existing gap that needs to be filled and at Flipkart, we saw an opportunity to create video content which is easier for people to consume, which is mobile-first. From short stories created by award-winning producers to entertainment shows featuring the leading talent from Bollywood, we believe that our platform will have something special for every consumer. We envisage our original content to resonate strongly with people across the country, as we usher in a new era of mobile-first video content.”

Speaking about her partnership with Flipkart Video Originals, Oscar-Winning producer Guneet Monga, said, “Flipkart Video is offering a great platform for content creators to engage with a customer base of over 160 million people across India. I am excited to be collaborating with the brand to cater to today’s demand for short-form content, at the convenience of mobile phones. With an accepting audience, it is exciting to make diverse films. It’s great to witness that Flipkart Video Originals is enabling filmmakers to share their stories.”

Flipkart believes that if the content is made available to a wider base of consumers, especially the ones who are new to e-commerce but not necessarily the internet, it can play a key role in helping them access e-commerce effectively.