Gemplex launches it's premium OTT platform

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Gemplex launches it OTT platform

Gemplex enters the OTT space with a vast catalog of exclusive multilingual content aiming to offer a unique viewing experience to its users.

Gemplex Media Pvt. Ltd. announces the launch of its premium OTT and Music Streaming platform “GEMPLEX”. Established in early 2018, Gemplex is founded by Prakash Tiwari and Rohan Tiwari, co-founded by Suresh Anchan, Vishalkumar Patil and Avishek Majumder. Gemplex offers a mixed bag of quality content in both fiction and non-fiction segments targeting all age groups.

Gemplex is a quality entertainment platform with highly scalable technology, has entered into the OTT space with a vast catalog of exclusive multilingual content. The platform launched on September 30, 2019, aims to offer a unique viewing experience to its users with high-quality and original content, thus making a mark in the Indian digital entertainment space.

There are multiple categories like original web series, feature films, short content, social videos on lifestyle, cinema offered in Indian native and Foreign languages. While the Originals are primarily in Hindi, Gemplex has made a foray into the regional markets with native language content. The platform also gives users access to video and movie libraries, besides enabling them to stream music on the platform.

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Speaking on the launch of Gemplex, Mr. Prakash Tiwari said, “Despite the existing over-the-top-content, we noticed a growing demand for exclusive and unique content that would keep the users hooked to the platform. Gemplex is into ideation, curation, and production of content, which gives us an edge to make content that is of interest to different audiences across the globe. Our aim is to help generate high quality and engaging content, which will enable Gemplex to emerge as a brand to reckon with. We are backed by experienced creative and business-oriented professionals from the industry and we look forward to developing a platform that is dynamic, interactive and engaging. Our goal is to target bigger markets in various Indian languages with a wide range of content catalog and gain an edge over our competitors.”

“With the launch of Gemplex, we assure all our users that they will no longer have to find a compromise between quality and affordability. Currently, all the content available on the platform is exclusive to Gemplex. Gemplex shall look into content collaborations, bundled collaborations, App-in-App tie-ups and more after the initial run. Gemplex believes in quality entertainment, in sync with the current market scenarios. With our unique approach to entertainment delivery, we are sure to capture the pulse of our users. Gemplex shall soon emerge as the default destination for unique and varied content viewing,” said Mr. Suresh Anchan, CEO Gemplex.

The brand will make its services available in 52 countries on different devices. Gemplex has currently launched its SVOD and TVOD with an initial competitive subscription fee.

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