Indian Oil Corporation salutes the Bravehearts through this Diwali campaign

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Indian Oil Corporation Diwali Campaign 2019

Indian Oil Corporation in collaboration with Madison Media Digital tugs at your hearts through the lenses of a mother showcased in its 'Pehle Indian Fir Oil' Diwali campaign.

Diwali has always been associated with nostalgia, love, warmth, and togetherness other than being known as the Festival of Lights. This occasion evokes nostalgic memories especially when your loved ones are not with you and stay at a distance. The emotions are amplified when we think of the ‘Jawaans’, the valiant soldiers who risk everything and stay away from their family just to protect their country. What goes behind the sacrifice, even for the family members, especially the mothers speaks volumes of their actions.

Highlighting and encapsulating such emotions, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. in collaboration with Madison Media digital had come up with a heart-rendering campaign during Diwali in 2019. Touted to be the ‘Energy of India’, the brand came up with ‘Iss Diwali Pehle Indian Phir Oil’ ad film in-line with its ethos for going #BeyondOil.

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The campaign commences with a mother cooking ‘Besan Ke Laddoos’ with all her love to send it to her son who is staying far away from her. ‘Laddoos’ are one of the prime sweet delicacies for Deepawali. It goes on to showcasing her reminiscing about her son in his childhood when the child used to playfully steal the “Besan Laddoos’ amidst the cooking process.


Capturing a mix of emotions ranging from nostalgia, hope that the next year she finally might be able to spend the festival with her son; and eventually making herself understand with pride that even though her son is far off but she understands that he is India’s son first and later her offspring, the mother wipes off her tears.

‘Pehle Indian fir Oil’ celebrates the fearless souls who put the country before themselves. Such individuals stand tall so that we can celebrate a safe Diwali at our homes. The campaign by Indian Oil Corporation hence echos the brand ethos of #BeyondOil theme and salutes the selfless Bravehearts.

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