Instagram removes Following tab inviting some priceless reactions

Instagram Following tab

The ‘Following’ tab on Instagram that lets you see what the people you follow are engaging with has been removed.

Adam Mosseri, CEO, Instagram announced the tab’s removal. He mentioned that the dismissal is an effort to stay focussed and keep Instagram simple.

The tab was created to help people discover new posts and accounts their friends engage with. Although, a few confessional tweets suggest that the tab was used to stalk partners apart from learning what people were up to in general.

The user-reactions upon the removal? Splits. According to the Twitter reactions, half of the users are upset about the removal, as they convey the app is ‘boring’ without it, and how are they going to know what their friends or partners like and a user says “How am I going to know which girls’ pictures is he liking?”.

Half of the users want the tab back for the above mentioned and many more reasons. There are also many who are ‘quite’ happy about it. They share that now they can engage with whatever they want and like whatever they ‘like’ without being judged.

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There is also a small group of people who mention that they don’t really care if the tab stays or not, as they never used it.

It is uncertain and highly unlikely that the platform would bring the tab back to appeal to the users asking for it, although the reactions are surely hilarious.