Product Launch Case Study: How Oriflame's #TheOne range was popularized on social media

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product launch case study

With #BeTheOne, Oriflame managed to create conversations around its new range in a cluttered market. The brand saw 98% hike in avg engagement on Instagram. A look at the product launch case study

The idea was to make both, end-consumers and consultants make aware of Oriflame's #TheOne range during the festive season. The product launch case study decodes how the brand achieved the same.

Category Introduction

As per an intelligence report, Global Beauty and Personal Care Products Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period (2019 - 2024). Some important players in the mass/masstige makeup/cosmetics field include - P&G, Beiersdorf, Unilever, MAC, Revlon, Olay, L’Oreal, Oriflame, and Avon, among others.

Brand Introduction

Oriflame, a Swedish beauty brand that has over 50+ experience in beauty & wellness, is established in more than 60 countries. Oriflame India has been dedicated to inspiring and offering people an opportunity to achieve their dreams through their unique business concept.

The marketing objective of the brand revolves around establishing a different view on beauty, by supporting that beauty is not only how you look, but how you live, feel and act. It’s a way of life; to be healthy, enjoy beautiful skin, express yourself and realize your aspirations.




Most women don’t know that Oriflame India also has a unique beauty range. With so many players like Nykaa, ColorBar, etc. the challenge was how to introduce Oriflame’s latest range in the market?

The campaign revolved around the know-how that during the festive season, women love to reinvent themselves. Whether it’s their looks, clothes or style, they love to experiment and try out new things. Hence, Oriflame came up with a campaign aimed to do that – #BeTheOne.

Problem Statement/Objective

To launch #TheOne range for Oriflame India during the festive season


The brief of the campaign encompassed two


  • To educate consultants about the brand

    as well as #TheOne product range and help them upscale
  • To increase brand awareness by

    targeting our end consumers

Creative Idea

The idea of the campaign was to ask women to

experiment with their look with ‘The one’ range and #BeTheOne to steal the show

during the festive season.


Oriflame India being a direct selling company and products not being available in stores for touch and feel the experience. It was a challenge on how to introduce Oriflame’s latest range amidst great clutter in the space.

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The campaign was divided into 3 phases: teaser, launch, and sustenance. The campaign was taken live simultaneously cross platforms on three channels – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The brand kickstarted by asking the audience to guess actress Kalki Koechlin passion.


The brand revealed #TheOne range of lipsticks through an interactive Facebook and Instagram live session with Kalki Koechlin.

10 lipstick colors. 10 shades of Kalki.

Through a Facebook/Instagram Live Kalki Koechlin showcased each color by drawing a swatch on her hand. Every time she does so, she revealed something about herself and made the audience to guess whether it’s true or false thus soaring the engagement high.<0>=68.ARALlYrwcdwB97lEuNERpdsmu1sd7cpb2PJJKPD87NZ9zDZkcUStBKT6QGpV011Uv-EtkfNGUKLTtbGzqM3ffvwiHT7HS87kU9jqKVK-Sazn7McZtc6OuzIty_X5CWmIbbIcnS20ZmCJBWjMW-DyzWsScKZJQiVh3nn-c-jiFmXMR1mIsUMX3DWSTh0JvFPFttc341E4TLRv0EDdw9wcET9c70-717EI0RsB9vhEmjav8VpNlg5AtDXNkc5t8h7j99_9Dn7QqNn_C8o_sEX2W_NnExGResF3avaGhRa6DZyDe0UPh01k-NspXDl0chRzM3lufBt89sxagw0&__tn__=FFHHH-R


Women and influencers across the country discovered a new range of lipsticks and shared pictures with us through social media. Influencer collaboration and initiatives by digital leaders were collaborated together to create a lasting effect on social media for #TheOne range of lipsticks.

Digital Leaders

Influencer Collaboration



  • 134% increase in average engagement
  • 126.9M impressions garnered
  • With users positive sentiment of 96.6%


  • 98% increase in average engagement
  • 30M impressions garnered
  • 20.8M audience reached


  • Oriflame India tweets were (retweeted) 6.4K more than the competition
  • Oriflame India tweets were (liked) 12.4K more than the competition
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