5 Personal branding tips from the Obamas

As the Obamas celebrate 27 years of being together, we take a look at their Instagram presence for personal branding tips.

The Obamas have been able to create and maintain their personal brands that intersect at various points in the social media world. They have been able to leverage the love they receive to promote initiatives they run and believe in. There is an authenticity in their communication that helps them come out as a power couple. We take a look at their tactics for personal branding tips.

While Barack’s first post goes back to January 4, 2012, Michelle has been active on Instagram from January 21, 2017. They have 309 and 211 posts on their respective feeds, with 24.7 million and 33.4 million followers respectively.

Consistency in the display of affection

There is a sense of consistency in the affection displayed by the Obamas for each other and their family and friends. It reflects in their overall communication, including public appearances. When a post goes live on a special day, it doesn’t feel out of place. It fits in perfectly with the theme that seems genuine because of its consistency.

Putting yourself in the communication

An important aspect of the communication put forth by the Obamas is how they become intricately participative in the process. The pictures usually reflect activities, with them being in the thick of the action. It may be because they are world leaders seeking support, but it’s definitely a lesson to swear by — put yourself in the communication — let it be authentic.

Go the Ethos+Lagos+Pathos way

An interesting aspect to the visuals put forth by Barack and Michelle Obama is how they have a mix of ethos, Lagos, and pathos. They reflect values, elicit emotions, and have logic to support the cause. The imagery is emotive, drawing people in and then comes a message that is to be conveyed. It leaves people being affected and aware.

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Don’t mix politics with people

It is a known fact that the Obamas have been in the forefront of pushing for equality and representation. If you were to look at the causes they pick and the way they communicate about them, the process is likely to feel smart, inclusive and incorporative. Though they have political background and leanings, the communication still shines through from a people perspective.

Professional candids work well

Instagram is an excellent platform to put forth a showreel of visuals that reflect your personality. Nothing helps better to put forth real imagery than candids. However, when you are someone with a massive following and political responsibility, you are bound to centre your communication along with the lines of looking ‘official’. Professional candids are where you can break the ice — and how!