#SamosaTalks: It boils down to transparency and UGC says Terry Peigh, IPG Group

Samosa Talks: Terry Peigh

In an exclusive interview with Social Samosa, Terry Peigh shares his thoughts on the ‘new realities report’, consumer notions in the Indian context, and more.

On the occasion of the launch of FCB India presents ‘New consumers, new war, new rules’- a six-country study by Terry Peigh, Managing Director, IPG, Social Samosa caught up with Peigh.

Consumers now in India are more engaged than ever before, shares Terry Peigh, Managing Director and SVP of the Interpublic group. Peigh shares that the Indian consumers are quite unique where they want to learn more about the products and are also inclined to tell others what they have learned about it.

“Today’s consumers are demanding more and more from manufacturers and marketers and demanding more trusted information. Demanding is also an important notion”, he says.

The veteran highlights that consumers want to participate in two-way communication as opposed to one-dimensional communication where only the brand is speaking. They are demanding more in terms of value, hence the great rise of ‘private labels’.

In the context of Indian consumers, evaluating products more than ever, Peigh postulates that the audience needs to be assured that the information they are getting, satisfies their needs. For a brand to stand out and break the clutter, it boils down to transparency and the user-generated content mentions.

“The more the consumer is able to see shareability of the content with people like her, the more she is able to trust on the authenticity of the content and eventually react to it in a positive way”, says Peigh

Peigh also says that consumers are increasingly aware of what is coming to them. Hence, with the rising trend of the influencers, the consumers need to be provided with credible sources of the group.

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In every country, we have seen a drop in the purchase of a product based on a recommendation from an influencer, he explains. Instead consumers value recommendations from Peers, Friends, and Family over Domain Influencers, Celebrities and Brands.

Consumers want to be connected to the product to the company and engage with the brand. “Consumers are looking for more and more of the trusted information”, Peigh points out.

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