SBI Life Breast Cancer Awareness campaign nudges women to self-check

SBI Life Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Since launch, SBI Life Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Thanks-A-Dot, has reached over 18 million people, garnering 0.3 million engagement

October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month, SBI Life Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, ‘Thanks-A-Dot’ has lined up a series of educative workshops to spread awareness about the importance of self-examination and early lump detection to combat breast cancer. Taking ‘Thanks-A-Dot’ to rural India, the educative workshops will spur positive conversations around breast health and breakthrough the socio-cultural barriers associated with breast cancer. 

Thanks-A-Dot comes with an easy-to-use self-training module, which can improve tactile (touch) capacity on fingers to be able to detect early signs of lump formation in the breasts, that can be ordered free of cost through SBI Life’s corporate website.

Speaking on SBI Life Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand & Corporate Communications, SBI Life Insurance, said, “Thanks-A-Dot initiative encourages women towards being self-prepared, by a simple yet innovative easy-to-use self-examination kit. We hope this initiative will continue to foster positive conversations around breast health not only in urban centres but also in rural areas where breast cancer is seen as a taboo. As a responsible life insurer, we believe such initiatives can go a long way in making women more breast cancer-aware”.

To reiterate the importance of self-preparedness the SBI Life released a digital video, riding on the conversational wave of Breast Cancer Awareness month, featuring popular lifestyle and fashion blogger, Juhi Godambe, to remind women to make personal health a priority and encourage oneself to adopt a behaviour of self-breast examination at least 10 mins every month as means to stay one step ahead in the fight against breast cancer.

As a part of the ongoing awareness drive, SBI Life is also taking Thanks-a-Dot to women at the grassroots level residing in the rural areas where lack of awareness, majority of which is socio-cultural, surrounding the disease is causing late diagnosis. These include reluctance to consult male doctors; prioritisation of family obligations over health and an over-reliance on family members for medical advice.

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An educative workshop to this effect was organised in Sirsa, Haryana and now in the interiors of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh to empower and educate more and more women about the need for self-breast examination and financial planning to fight Cancer. The ‘Thanks-A-Dot’ kit (self-training module) will be distributed amongst these women to inculcate the habit of self-breast examination.

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult said, “Looking at the current situation of Breast Cancer awareness in India, we felt the need for creating more awareness about the benefits of early detection of lumps via self-examination. Thus leveraging the ongoing ‘Breast cancer Awareness’ month we thought of taking our ‘Thanks A Dot’ initiative to more rural places in the country. We also launched a new digital video with a leading fashion blogger Juhi Godambe to build a stronger connect amongst women and raise awareness around self-check on a regular basis”.