Seniority and Dozee urge millennials to take Parental Leave this Diwali

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Parental Leave campaign

Seniority and Dozee have collaborated to launch #ParentalLeave, a campaign to promote PL or Parental Leave urging millennials to spend quality time with their parents this festive season.

The Parental Leave Campaign captures the life of working professionals, who make annual trips back home to celebrate Diwali and realize how their parents are growing older and struggling to perform their day-to-day activities effortlessly.

The protagonist discovers Seniority, a one-stop-shop from where he buys gifts like Dozee’s AI-powered health monitoring device for his parents. As the couple leaves to return, there is a reassurance that ‘everything is okay’.

The film narrates the story of millennials, who are so busy in their professional lives that they often miss spending enough time with their parents.

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This festive season, Seniority and Dozee joined hands to encourage viewers to make their ‘paid leaves’ into ‘parental leaves’ and dedicate that time to having deeper conversations about their health and well-being. Because parents will always say “Sab Theek hai”, but now millennials have a way to know if “Sach mein, Sab Theek hai!” even when they are away from their parents.

Ayush Agrawal and Tapan Mishra, Co-Founders, Seniority Pvt Ltd, said, “Stressful lifestyle and demanding work schedules leave little scope for youngsters to spend enough time with their parents and loved ones. This brand film, in collaboration with Dozee, is a gentle reminder for them to take #ParentalLeave this festive season and bring a smile on their faces. With this campaign, we want to assure our customers that Seniority will always be a click away to take care of the medical and lifestyle needs of their ageing parents and grandparents.”

Pritish Gupta, COO & CBO at Dozee, said, “Most of us live away from our parents and even though we are constantly concerned about their well-being, it is very difficult to actually know how they really are! That was our inspiration of building Dozee - how can we simplify healthcare to a level where elders don’t have to do anything at all but sleep, while kids get daily updates on their app. We partnered with Seniority, one of the torchbearers in the eldercare space, to bring this message across to millennials that taking care of your parents is actually not that difficult anymore.” 

“The idea #ParentalLeave is extremely personal, our superhero parents rarely talk about their health unless it’s critical. We wanted to tell a story common to every millennial who wants to be assured of their parents’ health before a catastrophe happens. This is an ode to our superhero parents!”, said ICE Media Lab founders Debojit Saha and Ambarish Majumdar.

Agency Credits:

  • Creative Agency - ICE Media Lab
  • Creative Producers - Debojit Saha & Ambarish Majumdar
  • Director - Anirban Deb
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