#Superwomen2019 Only person who can stop you is you: Sowmya Iyer, DViO Digital

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Sowmya Iyer- CEO of DViO Digital

Leading an organization for more than a decade, Sowmya Iyer, CEO, DViO Digital, shares her experience with us. One of the winners for Social Samosa's #Superwomen2019, Iyer sheds light on how to unleash the infinite potential from within.

Sowmya Iyer has over 15 years of experience in the marketing arena. In an exclusive interview with Social Samosa, the winner of #Superwomen2019 takes us through her journey of resilience and action-oriented efforts as a thorough professional in the industry.

How would you define a Superwoman in today's day and age?

Women and men alike – have superpowers hidden within them. Anyone who recognizes that, starts to unleash the infinite potential within.

We are only limited by what we can visualize for ourselves.  More often than not limitations created by our past and the frame of reference the world has created for us. 

Today’s superwoman is the one who has broken all inappropriate stereotypes that the world has created. She is someone who has truly identified her own calling and expression – and has fearlessly pursued her vision.

One quality that you think every superwoman has and that helped you win Social Samosa Superwomen...


How successful have women been in shattering the glass ceiling in the Media & Advertising field? Does the 'boardroom inequality' phrase still stand true?

I have never ever experienced any glass ceiling so far. I feel it’s important for women not to look at themselves as women in any role. Instead, look at themselves as a thorough professional. With this attitude in place, the world around them will also look at them exactly like that.

What are the key changes this industry needs in order to make workplaces gender-neutral, safe, and nurturing?

Equality should be a default state of any organization. When merit is at the heart of growth of individuals, there need not be any specific design created to take care of equality.

When equality and meritocracy is the default state of any organization, everyone will only work towards fully exploring their authentic talent and self-expression and not focus on aspects like gender.

I have personally experienced that when I have been able to present and represent my talent, I have aptly thwarted any perception of a male gaze or treatment of inferiority towards me.

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One Superpower you wish you had?

Ability to create 'time'. I want to be able to attend to business, family, health, friends, sleep equally, and satisfactorily. With growing commitments towards business, as the organization scales, creating time for everything is the most useful superpower I feel I can have.

The 'Superwomen' you diligently follow and who inspired you...

I take inspiration from so many women who excel in their own ways. From Oprah Winfrey to Sudha Murthy, from Indira Nooyi to Melinda Gates and from Sheryl Sandberg to Michelle Obama, there are so many to cite and take inspiration from.

One tip to women out there attempting to scale heights...

The only one who can stop you is you.

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