#TopicalSpot: Instagram dark mode brand posts light up the creative bulb

Instagram dark mode brand posts

Instagram dark mode brand posts greet the platform’s newly launched theme with creative posts infused with promotional particulars.

Instagram dark mode brand posts made their way to our feed soon after the platform’s full-scale roll-out of the dark mode launched in India.

Durex India takes ‘extra time’ to turn on the dark mode, Dell India boasts about their vibrant colors, Zomato India, assembles black coffee lovers, Masala Cafe & Holiday Inn Resort dig dark cravings and many more brands shine light on their products through the dark mode

Brands have been integrating Instagram’s newly launching features with their topical posts. Previously, brands also chanted lifting tunes with Instagram Music brand posts.

We are also seeing Instagram’s interface-integrated topical trends such as #ThisPerson using DMs, the Close Friends trend and more.

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Durex India

Dell India

Defocus Studio

Zomato India

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Black coffee lovers unite! ☕

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Manforce Condoms


Forever 6E



Masala Cafe

Holiday Inn Resort Kolkata




Miraj Cinemas

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