26/11 brand posts bow down in solace

26/11 brand posts

26/11 brand posts revere the courage within us, salute the victims of the incident, and the heroes that saved us.

Today we commemorate the horrific terrorist attacks that took place in 2008 when a terrorist organization executed coordinated shooting and bombing across Mumbai for four days.

The aftermath of this day has created a long-lasting impact that is crucial to date. On this account, today we observed a lot of social media users, significant personalities sharing condolences and heartfelt messages.

Today, most brands kept product integrations and promotional activities at the bay. Considering this is a sensitive topic and might agitate users, it seems to be the right move.

Brands got artistic with various oddities that are latched to this day and used more of such traits such as the devastated locations and more to craft their homage.

These social media brands also pay tribute to the real-life heroes of this day – the policemen, members of the task force, and anyone who helped someone survive in some way, as well as the ones who lost their lives.

Here are the brands paying homage to the martyrs.

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Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai




Forbes India

Zee Studios


New Sammy Beauty Clinic


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Social Samosa lauds the heroes of this day with deep respect and offers sincere condolences to everyone who lost someone to this incident.

Our scars only make us stronger.