Agency Feature: Aarohan Communications

Aarohan Communications

What is Aarohan Communications?

Aarohan Communications was founded by Meera Tenguria over 25+ years back. It provides Corporates, Startups, Not-For-Profits, and Government Institutions services in the various aspects of Corporate Communications, Marketing Brand Communications, Investor Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Content Strategy, Online PR, Digital Communications, Social Media and more.

The company has worked with clients in the IT, Telecom, Agrotech, Biotech, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Fashion & Lifestyle, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Agrochemicals, Biorefineries, Real Estate, Not For Profit, Logistics amongst others.

What’s in the name?

Aarohan in Sanskrit means ‘climbing upwards’. Here, we work towards continuous growth and moving upwards for our clients

What do we do?

  • Corporate Image Development And Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Communications
  • Advocacy
  • Concept Marketing
  • B2B and B2C
  • Content Strategy
  • Training
    • Communications for managers/CEO/ CXOs/ Marketing professionals/ Entrepreneurs/ Agencies
    • Developing Corporate and Brand stories
    • Investor Communications
    • Digital Communications
    • Content Strategy

Why we do it?

We believe that ‘strategic communications’ is an important tool for corporate growth, concept selling, advocacy.  Clients in complex sectors, or in business’ that require concept selling – need communication strategies that are beyond the obvious. We love the challenge of converting corporate vision and brand vision to stories that resonate with the audience, while also delivering growth/ business needs.

How we evolve?

Reading, training, attending courses, discussions with experts.

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Social responsibility in social media

Social responsibility should be part of the communication strategy and ethos of the company.

Not using the platform to misinform, create differences, denigrate anyone, are the basic hygiene in social responsibility in social media. At the same time, it is a powerful tool for creating change, positive advocacy and creating awareness. Corporates and brands must use their power in social media for social good.

Need of the hour

The indiscriminate use of Artificial Intelligence is a big issue. While the use of technology is important, brands must undertake some element of seriousness in Individual Privacy, else they will lose the trust of readers and consumers and be seen as pests.

The fallout of the indiscriminate call centres can be seen as an example. They have stopped being ROI of brands and seen as pests by consumers.