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Digi Osmosis

Who is Digi Osmosis?

We are a digital agency that came into existence 4 years ago. We started as an agency that focused more on sports and entertainment sticking completely to the digital platform as the name suggests. With an aim to provide a complete digital solutions package, Digi Osmosis is a platform that enables brands to grow through digital innovations.


in the name?

Digi Osmosis is created out of two words. Digi

stands for digital and Osmosis is the process of gradual or unconscious

assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

We focus completely on digital. From OTT to chat engines to dating platforms to our regular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to regional platforms like Share chat and Hello it is vast and will keep on growing

Osmosis speaks about the philosophy of the company, today everyone is speaking digital be it a fresher or an experienced professional. We are always hungry and happy to absorb all kinds of digital ideas and filter them to give out the best.

What do we do?

With a decade of digital expertise in sports

and entertainment digital marketing, we craft and deliver digital innovations

and solutions.

We are into SMM, Content

Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Creative Strategy, Online Reputation


We started as a boutique specializing in sports and entertainment for the first two years. We further broke it into more verticals like movies, OTT, events and ensured that we stay like a boutique focusing on verticals never expanding more than 2-3 clients in each vertical coz we believe that we can do justice only to a limited no. of accounts in a particular vertical. Similarly, the sports section is divided into verticals like leagues and franchises.

We focus on content be it static or videos providing end to end solutions to the clients.

Why we do it?

We do it because we love it.

How we evolve?

The good part about evolution in the digital and social media space is that you just need to keep your eyes, ears, laptop, mobile phones and digital screens open. That’s all we do! 

We spend more time observing what’s happening around be it OTT, shows, digital videos, Sharechat, Instagram, YouTube, etc. There is a lot of knowledge being shared and we make the best use of it.

Social responsibility in social media

The question itself says that everything these days is so transparent. The easiest and best way of being socially responsible as an agency is being honest and keeping everything transparent.

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The need of the hour

Yes, a lot of social networking laws are not still in place and they are constantly evolving and coming into existence every day.

We need to be slightly ahead of time because one day it’s all gonna hit us and hit us hard. So we need to keep a self -check from now itself that we are keeping things in order. So that when laws are implemented in the future we’ll be safe and not in a habit of doing anything that is unlawful.

We learned the hard way

Like any other business or start-up. we learned the hard way too!

The biggest notion especially when we started was digital always means extremely cheap, free, reach throw away prices which aren’t true.  Somewhere to just keep afloat and to say yes to our clients we did agree at certain points and learned it the hard way because we lost quality, money, effectiveness at various instances and today our learning is – DON’T REPEAT!

Did we just share that?

The good part about digital is that there is something funny happening all the time cos every client feels that they know everything about digital. Some knowledge they gain from their children, some from their drivers, relatives, friends, etc.

Everyone knows what viral content is, what Instagram story is and how it should be made, whether they know it or not is totally different but everyone is a champion. It seems the only guys who don’t know anything are the agencies.


work with us


My Trip, Goibibo, Zee Group, ICICI, Colgate, ACC Cement, Lionsgate, Warner

Bros, JSW Sports, T-10 Cricket League Dubai, & Prive, Shilpa Shetty, Preity

Zinta, Ananya Birla, Bhansali Productions.

Some of our greatest hits include movies such as Padman, Gully Boy Rustom, Airlift, Ki & Ka, Sarbjit, Dilwale and Rocky Handsome. Artists who’ve partnered with us include Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan, Kanika Kapoor, John Abraham, Boman Irani and many more. Our third division, sports, is our passion and we have the pleasure of handling the digital presence of multiple sports teams like Kolkata Knight Riders, FC Pune City, Trinbago Knight Riders, and Indian Aces.

The industry as we foresee

The Indian Social media industry will mature much more from a growing, slightly gimmicky, unevolved ecosystem when it comes to using analytics in favor of understanding consumer behavior it’ll become much more sorted. It’ll be ROI based, it will start driving e-commerce in a big way.

A lot of influencers will become partners to brands and defining the returns on investments. A lot of decision making would happen rather than a branded thought process. In crux, it’s gonna become a very solid platform in the days to come.

A day without Internet

It can actually be fun! No clients, no colleagues can get in touch with you!

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