Agency Feature: Drizzlin

Drizzlin Agency

What is Drizzlin?

Drizzlin has been in existence since 2008 and was one of the first social media agencies in the country. The company’s key differentiator has been its analytical approach to social media as a source of knowledge to guide key decisions for brands – whether creative marketing decisions or tangible business goals.

What’s in the name?

Our founder was traveling between the cities of Glasgow, London & Mumbai while Drizzlin was born. One thing unique about these cities (barring Mumbai where it actually pours) is the all-pervasive shower that you may love or detest depending on how you see it.

He seemed to love it and further associated it with the little actions, which when becomes all-pervasive, actually helps build a sustainable brand. This has been the guiding philosophy of our work ever since.

What do we do?

Our offer can be summarized in 3 pillars of Perception, Service & Purpose.

Perception services include brand reputation tracking, competition tracking, product feedback, and overall brand salience.

Service refers to customer services. We set up an always-on, multi-format, cross channel service center for brands that want to be there when their customers are looking for them.

On Purpose, we believe that winning on digital media is not just about a short-lived campaign, but a consistent show of a brand’s value proposition to its customers via digital media. This helps us provide our content & creative solutions to manage social media presence for brands.

Why we do it?

Digital media was just beginning to revolutionize the world when we got into this business. We were in the pre-social networking days but still felt the heat.

What was most fascinating for us was how the spread of the internet would shift the power in the hands of consumers and create new business outcomes. We’ve loved to be a part of this process ever since.

How we evolve?

We’re closely observing changes in the industry and a lot has changed since we began.

AI & Machine learning is helping us solve problems at scale. People are expressing their opinions more vocally than ever on a continual basis.

Privacy & monetization concerns are making social media platforms behave in ways unimaginable. We’re today working on some of these areas creating newer solutions and re-orienting our own understanding of how this medium works.

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Social responsibility in social media

Whenever something becomes significant, there is a chance of it being misused. Drizzlin has always held very high standards on ethics in social media and how we impart information to our customers.

In fact, we have kept consumers first in the marketing industry which can land us in challenging situations with clients at times. We feel that it’s our responsibility being part of the community of believers that have hoped that the internet should be a force for the overall good.

The need of the hour

As said above, I think our focus has to be on being mindful of people, their privacy and safeguard consumers of the risks they, themselves may not be aware of.

We learned the hard way

We need to evolve faster than we think. Although it feels like a truism, there is so much to change in the business environment right from fundamental business models to ways of expression on the internet that it becomes crucial for one to adapt accordingly.

We’re working on many areas to be a more agile business responding to changing trends.

Did we just share that?

Our teams that have grown up with Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, find it in their second nature to put out things when needed.

Once, a colleague while trying to crack a nagging client situation chose to put it out on Twitter asking people how they would solve the client’s problem (not naming the client of course).

Funnily, one of the first persons to read the tweet was the client themselves. We were sent an immediate notification and we were like we need to have a social media policy in the company. Eventually, all was sorted well when the client realized that the intention was harmless and the person involved was only trying to give their best.

They work with us

We’ve worked with many major Insurance players in the country (including Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard & Prudential, Max Life Insurance), some of the biggest electronics companies worldwide (like Lenovo, InFocus, Qiku, Kingston Technologies), some of the largest Industrial houses (Like The JK Group, Dalmia).

Some large multinational clients (Like The Yum Brands, PepsiCo, Tetra Pak) along with a variety of customers across many industries.

The industry as we foresee

One of the biggest trends we are excited about in India is the growth of the vernacular web. As the internet penetrates in every nook & corner of the country, we will see a mushrooming of consumer participation, making the digital medium more mainstream than it is today.

A day without Internet

As the internet is rising so is the trend for a digital detox. As an organization, we’ve always into trekking trips, camped on mountains, and sailed through rivers. There’s nothing more satisfying than being in nature. A day without the internet, for us is a pleasurable experience.