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Who is Localyze? 

Localyze is a multilingual tech-first digital marketing agency that allows brands to spread their message in the most culturally relevant language of their audiences. We provide end-to-end localization solutions across 8+ languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and many more. 

Brands were unable to find a reliable partner who could create an entire digital ecosystem in Indian regional languages. Even the brands who understood the need gap in the market were unable to create a holistic experience for users due to a lack of recreation of digital assets in regional languages.

To add to the inconsistency, the media dollars spent were towards distributing the brand’s message primarily in English to regional language-first audiences. Localyze was born out of solving this gap. We manage a brand’s entire digital ecosystem to ensure cohesive messaging across regional channels and ensure optimum reach through targeted regional media. 

The 10 member founding team headed by Pankil Mehta, COO of Alchemy Group & Localyze, are the backbone of the business. With a network of over 500+ trans creators, we have allocated our resources to providing content and communication first service to deliver a 360 degree localyzed solution across all digital assets with Adtech at its core. 

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What’s In The Name? 

The idea behind Localyze is to create connections through local conversations. We want to revolutionize the consumption of information via targeted, regional languages - hence, Localyze. 

What Do We do? 

In a nutshell, Localyze executes and strategizes brand campaigns in the preferred local language via transcreation, allowing brands to expand their footprint. 

Why We Do It? 

There’s not a single business in the marketing and communication space that specializes in end-to-end localyzation. No one uses a tech platform to deliver localyzation services. Localyze aims to revolutionize the way brands reach out to their next million customers through transcreation. 

How We Evolve?

We evolve by being tech-first and staying relevant in the field of localyzation. We also ensure quality and speedy transcreation services, thereby, making us straight-up reliable. However, we go a step further by ensuring transcreated messages reach the right audiences through targeted media spends. 

Social Responsibility in Social Media 

Our goal is to help brands democratize their information all while making it accessible and relevant in the language favored by their audience. Brands can now reach their customers in a language, tone, and sentiment that best resonates with them.

With Localyze, users can now understand the brand message in their own language. Staying true to the roots of people irrespective of language is our answer to effectively breaking down language barriers. 

We Learned The Hard Way 

Much of the success of the digital and communication market can be attributed to striking a balance between brand messaging and ensuring the delivery of this message to a highly relevant audience.

Brand communication to local audiences now goes beyond simply literal translation - transcreation as a concept and a process that needs to be understood and adopted in order for brands to identify and reach their next wave of customers. 

The industry As We Foresee 

According to the study conducted by KPMG in India and Google, there was a 41 percent increase in the Indian language internet user base. That’s around 234 million users.

The report has also predicted that by 2021, 536 million users will be that of Indian language internet users, which will be 75 percent of India’s internet user base. This a huge market which we intend to aggressively capitalize on this year. 

Lastly, Are You Hiring? 

We are. The only way we can grow is by creating a community of committed trans creators and experts with one goal – enabling brands to reach more people. We are on the lookout for brand solutions specialists, trans creators, and project managers. Write to us at if you’re keen on being part of Localyze.

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