Agency Feature: One Zero Eight

One Zero Eight

What is One Zero Eight?

Founded in 2013, One Zero Eight, based in Pune, is a brand boutique agency with brand strategy, creative design, and brand communication as our core expertise.

We transform business insights into brand strategy and design insights. These insights help us build visual communication which is relevant for the brand and its target audience. Design, not only assist to uplift the brand image but strongly speaks through visuals which are an important aspect of brand communication. 

 What’s in the name?

It’s all about the PURPOSE that we started One Zero Eight 6 years back. The name OneZeroEight represents our ‘PURPOSE’ and ‘VISION’ in a significant manner: The number ‘’One’’ signifies God’s consciousness, ‘’Zero and Eight’’ is the embodiment of Infinity. Number ”108” bears significance in Universe, Ayurveda, Yoga, Science, Sanskrit, Life and across the Universe. ”108” is significantly present in everything.

#OneZeroEight is a brand boutique agency, translating business insights into brand building. 

What do we do?

We change the way a brand thinks, communicate, perceived and interact. Our mission is to provide an integrated and holistic strategy to clients and assist them to unlock the brand’s design and communication aspects. We assist businesses in every perspective that how their brand should be.

We achieve the above by our 4 fundamental aspects-

  • Brand Strategy- How brands should think, anticipate and plan?
  • Brand Communication- How brands should communicate?
  • Brand Design- How is the brand perceived among consumer minds?
  • Brand Experience- How brands should interact on various mediums – digital, social and traditional, etc.

Why we do it?

As industries evolve and new trends emerge, consumers expect more from the brand. Nowadays a brand has to be relevant, fast and engaging to connect instantly with different types of consumers or consumers might shift to the competitor.

However, for business from small to large have primarily 2 objectives as below,

  • 1. Business Growth (Sales, Revenue & Profits)
  • 2. Brand Growth (Awareness, Recognition, Loyalty)

It is imperative to understand the business objective of every brand which can be translated creatively through brand positioning, communication, and design strategy. 

Every brand requires a different approach and roadmap which is the beginning of an exhilarating journey for both i.e. client and OneZeroEight.

How we evolve?

Change is the only constant. We need to keep up with the fast pace of the industry and anticipate the changes and work towards it. Crossing a milestone of six years in May 2019, we have learned through our failures and successes and always strive to deliver. 

We are working towards our philosophy of Idea to Identity – this philosophy has been successful in transforming business challenges into opportunities. 

The crux of ‘Idea to Identity’ is to understand the challenges of business, customer pain points and provide a holistic solution from creating brand identity, strategy, visual communication, and digital strategy.

 Social responsibility in social media

Social media has allowed us to be open and transparent about our views across topics. It is our responsibility to utilize the platforms in the best possible way. Brands have opened hundreds of conversations by adding the human element to their persona. It is truly about being honest and credible and that is what One Zero Eight has focused and believed in, and we will continue to do the same for years to come; not only for our brand but with our partners as well.  

We learned the hard way

The basic belief of Brand Strategy at OneZeroEight is that all the brand communication and ideation efforts should lead to business/client’s growth. If the business goals are not achieved then as an agency we have failed. Realigning the agency’s efforts towards the growth and profitability of the client is one of the things we have learned in these 6 years.

Also, one of the essences for any organization is ‘People’ that build a ‘Team’ With the right set of people who share a similar vision and passion towards the work can lead to success. Passion should drive people to create great work and everything falls on the place. If people look at the agency as a 9-5 regular job, it’s a mismatch for both agency and person.

Therefore, mediocre or incompetent business partners and team members can drain your organization’s energy and decrease the pace of your growth.

They work with us


Tata Motors, Force Motors, Sterlite Tech, Raymond, TVS Auto Assist, SunShot, IIFL, Kalyani Bharat Forge.


NM Wadia (Heart Hospital), Sparsh Hospital, Vedanta Hospital Dr. Bade and NuLife Geriatric, VishwaRaj, and more


Kalinga, Babylon, Level 5, Effingut, Saffron Banquets, Foodsters, Nandu’s Paratha.


MIT-MPU, GEMS Preschool, NITIN Prakashan, Vishwashanti Gurukul, Samwad,

Real Estate:

CREDAI, Karandikar, Optima Heights

FMCG and Others, and more

A day without Internet

Less Cluttered. More Human Bonding. We should ‘Switch Off’ disconnect from the internet once a day in a week.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are looking for Copy Writers and Digital Marketing geeks to join an enthusiastic and young team who would like to explore more than just Marketing.