Agency Feature: Red Dash Media

Red Dash

Who are we?

Red Dash Media is a digital marketing agency based in New Delhi with a vision to achieve objectives and goals using the online channels in the industry.

The agency was founded by Ashish Kumar in 2014. His expertise primarily lies in Advertising and content strategy along with an in-depth knowledge of Digital Analytics & Social Media Listening tools

What’s in the name?

A lot of companies are built on different ideologies and impromptu branding. Google was not there in the dictionary for a long time, nobody knows the meaning of Zomato. Similarly, Red Dash Media was also built with an impromptu ideology.

According to our Founder’s point of view, the “Dash” in Red Dash Media, refers to the client, where we work on conceiving the core values and ideas of a brand whilst adapting them into their visual story strategy targeting the right audience.

What do we do?

We are a full- service digital marketing agency, being the same we offer complete art and creative digital solutions. Here are the services that we do:

  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • PR

Why we do it?

The only thing which keeps us going is, “We cannot put our creative brains to rest”. We are a full-service creative agency primarily focused on bringing brands, web and social experience to life for their businesses and with the belief that Digital Media can help you grow in this era.

How we evolve?

Ever heard about “change is the only constant”? Well, yes, our team is always on the go to strive and achieve victory and coming to be on the top.

One way which keeps us going is the growth of our clients. We love to help them evolve, starting from minimal ideas to creating and executing them at the top.

Social responsibility in social media

From our founder’s perspective, the legitimately outstanding idea which domes through his direct imagination is to create a platform “Facebook for Minors” as in the era full of violence where various posts are influencing youth with violent riots and other irrelevant stuff which is not made for minors.

The major focus behind this idea is to keep minor age groups apart from adults who usually tend to be involved in irrelevant posts which might include X-rated videos and more. With the creation of “Facebook for Minors”, this way the minors will be able to enjoy their preference of feed which might include cartoons such as Avengers, Captain Marvel, and many such animated series.

The need of the hour

According to us, the need of the hour is to help all our clients curate a good digital presence, which makes them stand apart in this digital era, through our innovative ideas. That’s how we make the audience go “wow” giving them a break from monotonous designs and content till pleasing the client with the best results.

We learned the hard way

The digital world is all about learning and unleashing your innate capabilities. Similarly, we wanted to create a positive difference in the hospitality industry.

For this, we had many meetings with various owners, chefs, food consultancy, kitchen staff and worked on the pain points of our clients to create a remarkable change in the industry.

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Did we just share that?

Of course, being in a digital marketing world, it’s not only the work we do rather we try to collaborate our work doing it calmly and in a fun manner.

We had a food client, specialized in Biryani, the funniest moment was they used to provide us with 2-Dimensional pictures, with such low-quality asking us to turn it into 180 degrees along with beautifying each element in the picture.

A day without Internet

It is true to say that being connected is like breathing these days, but we are keen to inform that, a day without the internet is still fun at Red Dash Media. Because, we have got “Hazel, the Beagle” who always keeps us intact, entertained and occupied. With a muzzle squarish broad nose, she is working as an Intern at Red Desh Media!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for young creative brains to join our company!