Agency Feature: Togglehead


Who is Togglehead?

Togglehead a team of over 100 go-getters and digital enthusiasts who strive to get a brand/ service seen, heard and felt by the right people. While social media, web development, and digital advertising form the core areas of our work, it is our ability to combine the trio that enables us to provide an optimum communication map for the brand.

How did the journey of Togglers begin?

The agency is the manifestation of a dream that best friends usually share. Driven by zeal to disrupt the digital industry, three close friends, Aatef Bham, Akshay Popawala and Krish Ramnani founded Togglehead back in 2012. Over the years, their vision gradually crystalizedin the form of an energetic, 100-member team that resulted in a sky-rocketing boost in business as well.

What’s in the name?

In marketing, it’s all about making the right choices, right from the choice of platform to its consistency in your funnel. 

Toggle means switching from one effect/ feature to another. Stemming from this definition, our name stands for one who skillfully toggles between the plethora of communication platforms available in the digital spectrum to pave an optimum communication roadway for the brand.

What we do?

We take the guess work out of digital marketing and advertising. Using online analytics to pinpoint the ideal target audience, we make sure brands aren’t wasting time yelling into the cacophonous digital spectrum, waiting to be heard.

We offer turnkey services of Digital Marketing, Creative Campaigns, Technology, Production and Storytelling, and Media Planning and Buying.

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Why we do it?

Every brand is a book waiting to be read and we have a knack for storytelling.  

How we evolve?

Behind the scenes, we stay on top of social media trends and current events. A large component of our agency is to constantly educate ourselves on digital trends, opportunities, and innovations like AI, VR, and AR to best capitalize on them for brands.

Social responsibility in social media

We listen. We listen to what the brand has to share, what the audience wants to hear and accordingly weave the content in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Social Media is becoming increasingly accessible day by day, in some cases also by those who get negatively influenced by it. The impact of one tweet is no less than the harm one misleading creative can do.In such a scenario, we’ve always focused on delivering content that goes beyond the regular, connects with people and improves humanity.

Need of the hour

The power of Digital is truly phenomenal, so much so that the platforms’ credibility and authenticity must not be faltered with. While measures have been taken to combat online bullying and security has been strengthened, advertisers must abide by ethics and be their own gatekeepers.

And lastly, here’s the need of the hour for consumers of social media (i.e. all of us) –Monitoring our dependence on technology.

We learned the hard way

Unlearning the regular is both, challenging and necessary!

Did we just share that?

Imagine signing a huge fashion brand as one of your first clients, a dream come true right? However, here’s the twist in the tale, they wished to see their campaign all over social media without giving us the handles to their official page. As ironical as it sounds, it was fun to win over this challenge and deliver the desired result irrespective.

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They work with us

Gits Food, Yardley London, L’OréalIndia Group, Forevermark, Streax, YokuMoku India, RBL Brands, Wella, HDFC Life, etc.

Industry as we foresee

Social Media industry is ever-changing. Every day there is a new trend taking our feeds by storm. With advances in technology like AI, VR, and AR coming in, we foresee a high-tech digital evolution in the near future. We’ve already witnessed the industry evolving to a higher dependency on voice, personalization, and video. Further shoppable content on this powerful platform strengthens its position in the communication funnel. While Instagram recently introduced this feature, we wouldn’t be surprised to see shoppable content in videos as well.

A day without Internet

While the internet is our lifeline at work, who wouldn’t like an unexpected break?

Let’s just say we’d socialize in the truest sense of the word with T-Rex game challenges, rounds of UNO, and productive use of our chairs with Musical Chairs!  But this break would be appreciated for just a few hours for post that we’d have an unplanned backlog to finish!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for passionate Togglers; to toggle with us, kindly drop in your CV at [email protected]