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Who is WeBeasts?

WeBeasts was established in 2016 by founder Shokey Malik. In the 3 years since its inception, we have constantly strived to break the wheel of the traditional agency culture, moving towards holistic business consulting, beyond scopes of work.

The team is lean with a team of 7 with Strategy, Content, Design and Development expertise.

What's in the name?

The name says it all. Every individual on the team is empowered to lead in their own way.

Here, we make leaders. We work with people who take initiative and accountability. Our clients are our friends, and we are never afraid to speak uncomfortable truths when it is needed.

We make things happen. We understand people.  We make people understand us.

What do we do?

We’re a full-service digital media agency with strengths in programmatic advertising, design, strategy, and development serviced in-house.

We believe in solving problems by working closely with our clients, as partners, beyond scopes of work. 

We look at the overall performance of the business and drive it towards the growth of the top-line performance of our clients.

What we don’t do – we are not yes-people. Our approach is to be goal-orientated and to systematically overcome challenges that will help our brands grow.

Why we do it?

We do it for the love of people. We do it for the love of creating value-based businesses. We do it for the love of creating relationships that people love. Business follows.


we evolve?

The industry is growing so fast and we are still keeping up with the trends. Things you do to keep up and evolve. We learn from our mistakes and make new ones aplenty.

It’s important for us to work with people that strive to be better. Initiative drives innovation. We’re constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.

With all platforms moving towards AI for better results, that’s the space that we look forward to exploring in the coming few years.

Social responsibility in social media

We truly believe that we have the power to affect change and make a difference.  With our brands, it is important for us to voice the right sentiment when it is called for.

Striving to be more conscious and bring consciousness to our partners, we’re involved in multiple causes for the environment as well as supporting fair-trade.

When there is something meaningful to say, people listen.

The need for the hour

Throw your assumptions out. We believe in making only data-backed decisions. Often times in advertising people make decisions based on conditioning and beliefs. It’s time to be presenting all your next-big ideas with numbers that speak for themselves.

We learned the hard way

  • Choose the right people. Be it our team or our partners. It is important to start that relationship based on mutual agreement of understanding of each other’s style of working and mould our approach accordingly.
  • To say no when it’s needed. As young professionals, it can sometimes be challenging to say no to a client’s demand. That is why we empower the team with the right knowledge, so they can make a data-based & logical decision that makes sense for the overall growth of the brand.
  • We make data-based decisions. It’s important to keep into perspective that we are the experts, and the client is associated with us to solve a problem. Sometimes, they don’t even know there is a problem. We need to educate them and take the initiative to meet all their goals.

Did we just share that?

Incidents are aplenty. Fortunately, all our clients have a great sense of humor. We always find a way to laugh it off and learn from it.

They work with us

  • India Today Conclave (Media)
  • Iha (Fashion)
  • Harvard YLC (Education)
  • Fabrento (Rental)
  • Aasha Hostels (Aakash Institute) (Hospitality)
  • Kidding Around (Pop Up Shopping)
  • Social Odeon (Restaurant)


name a few

The industry as we foresee

Standing for a Cause: The next generation is acutely aware of the pressing issues that plague the world and actively participate in the conversation. With the introduction of the likes of facebook wallet, the consumer will willingly be drawn to pledge monies towards a cause that they believe in. Now is the time for brands to establish the base for striking when the iron is hot! 

An example of this is the highly successful Pay-It-Forward Campaign that we did for Iha.

Rise in use of voice commands: Brands will need to move towards a more conversational approach towards engaging their audiences as they get more and more used to using voice commands with their Google Home or Echo devices. 

AI and VR: The Indian consumer on digital today is already knee-deep in machine learning and AI targeting, whether they know it or not. As marketers, it's important for us to keep abreast with these technologies and ensure our brands can get the first movers advantage in the space. 

One such case for us was with one of our clients wherein the CPA was reduced to less than 50% of the competitors CPA purely through AI. 

A day without Internet

A day without Internet in the Beasts home would probably entail many rounds of Uno, some quintessential adrak-chai and a whole bunch of planning of what’s next! There’s never a dull moment in our office. 

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are. This year had brought us immense growth and opportunities and we’re looking to hire passionate young-bloods that work for the why.

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