#MovieMarketing: Bala makes a 'bald' move with quirky campaigns

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Nov 08, 2019 08:02 IST
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Bala Movie Marketing

“Bold is definitely beautiful, but what about bald?”. While Maddock Films’ ‘Bala’ compels you to pose such pertinent questions, we take a look at its movie marketing tactics.

As you might have rightly guessed by now, Bala movie revolves around the quirky yet a pertinent concept of 'balding' and takes a dig at the societal pressures and stigmas of engrained beauty standards even amongst men over the inner qualities and respect for a human- being.

Ayushmann Khurrana, enacting the titular role, Bala, is proud of his lustrous and voluminous hair in childhood, only to realize later that he suffers from ‘premature balding’ or Alopecia resulting in unpredictable ‘hair loss’.

The plot accelerates with Bala then trying to cope with the situation, making efforts to hide it in some occasions, and other times following all the bizarre advice from his people in a pursuit to grow his hair back. What follows is a series of comedy ‘literally’ with errors when Bala’s secret is often out resulting in disastrous situations leaving you with some hilarious bits to roll-on!

Directed by Amar Kaushik, Bala movie encompasses a

promising star-cast with Ayushmann Khurrana and its hat-trick with the production

house and the quirky topic he has chosen to work on (Unforgettable hits such as

Vicky Donor, Badhai Ho, and more), Bhumi Pednekar, Yami Gautam, Javed Jaffery

and Saurabh Shukla.

While the film continues to garner ‘Guffaws’ and ‘Rofls’ from the audience through its mere trailers, we take a look at the movie marketing efforts by TheSmallBigIdea (TSBI), the official digital & social media marketing partners to the movie and other content collaborations.

Kickstarting with the #BalaChallenge

#BalaChallenge went viral with celebrities and people, alike participating in the fun with gusto. How could the ‘Bala’ stay behind? Ayushmann Khurana was seen sportingly participating in the game which received amazing responses with organic reach on social media.

Bala is Bechara? Really?

While #Bala exposes the inert, societal stigma showcasing how Bala becomes a Bechara for his barren land on the scalp, #BalaBechara campaign takes a dig at the aspect with the protagonist displaying his woes.

Contest Fiesta

Digital partners for Bala amped up the engagement and kept the fans on toes with innumerable contests, acing the social media world!

Triumph and #DontBeShyAgain on TikTok!

On the lines of #BalaChallenge from Housefull 4, here’s another challenge urging the viewers #DontBeShyAgain, that too on TikTok.


Have you tried the Tiktok Challenge yet?

Tiktok launches the ‘Bala Filter’ where the viewers can

get the first-hand #BalaExperience.

Pyar Kiya toh Nickname Dena Padega Contest

In the #MyBabyu contest, users were asked to share cute partner nicknames in the fun-filled activity.

#BaalHiPyaarHai- Say it again?

In this quirky and zany activity, the participants had to replace ‘Baal’ with ‘Pyaar’ in any of their favorite songs in the #BaalHiPyaarHai contest.

Why do you want to watch ‘Bala’ challenge?

People were asked for responses that why do they want to watch Bala? The first 100-selected winners got a chance to be a part of the audience premiere, a day prior to 'Bala' movie release.

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Trailing the path to Melody with Song-releases

The movie marketers even attempted to create buzz around the song releases of Bala.

#DontBeShyAgain Challenge

Nah Goriye Content:


Leveraging Topicals

The movie marketers leveraged topicals to keep the buzz alive.




Make your Vote count, Maharashtra

Happy B’day King Khan

A tribute to SRK on his birthday was posted by Bala movie marketers in association with Maddock Films.

A Reality check with #BalaLegends

#BalaLegends was launched with hysterical lines focussed on 'Poor Bala'.

Behind-the-Screens with the ‘Journey of


Content Collaborations all-the-way

The movie marketers for Bala went all the way with its content collaborations.

Filter copy:


Bhai Di Pa

Raghu and Rajiv

Twitteratis #AskAyushmann

In an engaging activity, just a day before the release of the movie, twitter users got an opportunity to #AskAyushmann in an exclusive avenue to chat with the star on the platform.

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The digital partners and movie marketers got all out and about for the promotions of #Bala with even stars directly engaging with the viewers.

Overall, the movie's marketing strategy in the social sphere has managed to keep the buzz around #Bala alive. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment or write to us at

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