Black Friday Campaigns as freaky and funny as the day

Black Friday Campaigns

Black Friday Campaigns capture the unconventional eccentrics this day observes and blend some rib-tickling promotions.

Black Friday or the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US or the day when spending volumes skyrocket and the shops open as early as midnight, is one of the most important dates in the Holiday Season and is marked with several Black Friday Campaigns.

Marketers and advertisers wait for high spending periods during the year to ramp up their promotions, so how would they leave out the day when consumers camp outside shops before they open, so they step-in first.

The day is not an official holiday although that doesn’t reduce the significance it holds in the marketing realm.

Numerous brands offer multiple discounts and offers which results in the day routinely being the busiest shopping day of the year in the US. Consequently, what precedes is a string of campaigns.

According to legends, the day gets its name from the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic observed and the campaigns get their theme from the haywire purchases from the shoppers.

Black Friday Campaigns usually follow the thread of being bizarre, funny and disruptive. The theme roots from the chaotic and cluttered shopping activities that go down each year.

The heavy discounts influence shoppers to even purchase products they don’t need. This notion is too is tapped in several Black Friday Campaigns.

Laugh through the campaigns from Alibaba, Macy’s, Target, Walmart and more.

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Compilation – Alibaba

Bed Bath & Beyond – For The House

The Two Day Sale – Target

Screamers – Macy’s

Designer Heels Included -The Bullring & Grand Central

Black Friday Sale – GameStop

Old Navy – 100K Through Black Friday ft. Gaten Matarazzo

Black Friday, Black Friday – Kohl’s

Power Dollars – Dodge

The Deals Have Dropped – Walmart

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