Brands use finger point emoji with quirks & creativity

Finger point emoji

A new trending format came into being today evening with brands as well as individuals using finger point emoji to make creatives.

This evening, a bunch of brand creatives featuring finger point emoji (s) appeared on Twitter and Instagram and a new #TrendingFormat came into being. Though it seemingly started on Twitter, it soon found a stronghold on Instagram. As the hours passed, more and more brands participated to find their place in the moment.

The creatives followed a format where something associated with the brand was kept in the middle with dozens of emoji surrounding it. These emojis were all pointing either in the direction of the element in the middle or away from it. Some brands just went with a key hashtag or logo in the middle. The fingers point emoji featuring in the creatives were in different shades, adding a touch of inclusivity in the mix.

The Irish House


Gatsby India

Godrej Security

Jio News

Raddison Blu Goa

Maharaja Bhog

Kadkani Resort

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The Fern Hotel & Resorts

The Game

Orientbell Tiles

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