Case Study: How Maybelline co-created content with Humans of Bombay to popularize it’s Fit Me range

Maybelline Humans of Bombay

The Maybelline Humans of Bombay collaboration for the Fit Me Foundation range showcased individuals who were led wholly by their passions and finally found their fit. A look at the Branded Content Case Study.

Category Introduction – Branded Content Case Study

  • Face makeup is the least penetrated category
  • Compact is used by 54% and Foundation by ~40% population
  • India has a wide diversity of skin tones where almost 2/3rd of the worlds’ skin colors (41 out of 66) are found. While the need for lighter skin has been prevalent in India, the codes of beauty today are changing where women are embracing their natural skin tones. Finding the right foundation shade for your skin has been a key need on the foundation and Fit Me with its 18 shade offering in 2019 has the RIGHT TO WIN right FIT for all women.

Agency: Foxymoron

Brand Introduction

Maybelline India started out as a brand that catered to using everyday makeup like lip balm and kajal. At the time, the role of E-commerce and content creation was minimal to non-existent. Now, the objective is to introduce Indian consumers to makeup that’s more evolved. The imagery has also shifted to be more New York with the Indian context.

Fit Me is now also available in an 18ml, 299 Pack to reach out to the mass consumer whose only option until now has been the Lakme PLF and IFF foundation.

  • FIT ME, unlike any other brand in the Indian market, celebrates the diversity of skin tones- available in 18 shades. It is the 1St foundation that fits skin texture and is made to fit every Indian skin tone.
  • Shade range that fits every Indian Skin tone ( 100% women have found their fit *)
  • Fits skin tone & texture to give a natural finish ( artificial finish being the biggest barrier to category)


The Branded Content Case Study explores stories of each of our 6 influencers are starkly distinct. But through their journeys, we saw one commonality; they were outliers.

With the Maybelline Humans of Bombay collaboration for the Fit Me Foundation, we showcased individuals who rejected the ordinary to pursue uncharted paths. They were led wholly by their passions, they finally found their fit.

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“My family & I were settled in Bahrain, but we’re from Kerala — I grew up loving dancing & being in front of the camera. But I was shy, so I’d to work hard to hone my skills & perform in front of people. After school, I came to Mumbai to study. I took part in dance competitions & gigs. I even took part in a pageant in Kerala, I was a runner up there & that opened doors for me! I got offered South Indian movies. But in my first film, after the first schedule, the producers stopped responding to me. I realised that they’d decided to make the movie without me & I was heartbroken. I didn’t want to give up, so I signed other films. But before I started shooting for my 3rd film, the producer told me sleazy things like, ‘Madam, you have to adjust’. I was repulsed & quit the industry. I didn’t want to be dependent on anyone for my success, so even though I didn’t know how I’d go about it — I took matters into my own hands. I tried wedding photography & my dad even gifted me a camera. But I remember someone at a wedding telling me that I was so good, that I should become a professional dancer. Around that time my friend invited me to see a mural, that he’d painted in a studio. I went there & met the owner, who asked me to take classes there. It felt like a great opportunity — I was apprehensive but I went for it. I, along with my friend Nicole, took classes once a week. We barely had any students, but finally my progress wasn’t in anybody else’s control. We even made YouTube videos for people to see our talent & join our classes. It’s been 8 years since & we’ve gone from 15 to 2000 students in 7 locations in Mumbai, with another 2000 students in cities across India! I remember meeting a young girl at a workshop, she had cancer — and she said that watching our videos made her feel better. That felt amazing! Today when I walk on the road, people recognise me because of my work & that makes me proud — I know I’ve come a long way. The younger me was in doubt of whether I’d make it & had experiences that dettered her. But the younger me chose to rise above, fight the odds & take a chance. And that’s the only reason I’m here today, growing my tribe.” #FitMeAsIAm

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Problem Statement/Objective

People, especially women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, have always been boxed into a conventional set of societal and professional rules that dictate what makes them, them. 

A product like the Fit Me Foundation upholds that people don’t need to fit into a shade and instead have a shade made to fit them as they are. With this in mind, the idea was to break stereotypes with stories of people who did more than what was expected of them, more than what was believed they are capable of.


The brief was to celebrate individuals who did not want to be defined and boxed in by what’s been deemed right for them but to create their own path and find their own fit.

Creative Idea

With the brand’s tone of voice, the objective of the activation, influencers and the Fit Me Foundation in mind, the brand knew there was one, all-encompassing way to convey the message we want to land – If it feels right, you’ve found your fit.

The Maybelline Humans of Bombay collaboration captured the essence of telling peoples’ stories the way Humans of Bombay does but with Maybelline New York’s fast-paced and edgy spin to it.

To ensure the videos are not serious in their tone while doing justice to the influencer’s stories, each video highlighted the influencer in their element. It was decided to shoot each story in an environment the influencer is comfortable with and is exposed to in their daily life.


The first and the most challenging task was to speak a language that’s impactful and relatable while not losing out on Maybelline New York’s aspirational and edgy tone of voice. This was tackled in the phase of selecting off-beat influencers and later packaging their stories in a way that was both relatable and edgy.

The second challenge was to use influencers on a platform that celebrates non-celebrities and influencers, i.e. regular people. The brand steered the conversation with the influencers in a way that opened them up to talking about their background, their struggle and also how they got to where they are without comprising of their personalities. The videos were also written and created in a manner that humanizes these influencers, making them more relatable to the audience.

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Lastly, the Humans of Bombay is primarily a read-only platform where. To cut through this norm with a new format was a challenge they overcame with a stark difference in the storytelling narrative, thereby ensuring that the videos were neither redundant nor excessive. 

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Reach: 5.7 million

Engagement: 700,000+

Impressions: 9.3 million

Video views: 1.3 million


Garnered positive comments and messages with an on each post on how people related to the featured individual and how they have fought or are fighting to find their fit in the world.

Successfully showcase these stories in a way that inspired the audience