How Faasos' digital sales grew 2.87x with #SacredWraps

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Nov 05, 2019 03:15 IST
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Faasos Sacred Games Case Study

Faasos Sacred Games Case Study explores how the brand leveraged the madness around the show to increase sales.

Faasos Sacred Games Case Study for #SacredWraps details what worked for the brand.

Brand introduction

Faasos is known as a wraps brand and for its tone of voice that is as quirky as it is upbeat. One communication strategy that we have mastered through the years is to be a part of all the new trends and updates. This way we keep the content fresh and engaging.


  • To

    position Faasos as a smart, quirky brand
  • To

    generate intrigue around the brand
  • To be on

    top of the moment marketing game
  • Increase

    recall value
  • Increase


Creative Idea

Faasos launched a special #SacredWraps collection. All the wraps in the collection were renamed after the popular characters from Sacred games and were personified and described as if narrating the whole character in a wrap.

Simply put we created our very own version of Sacred Games starring our Sacred Wraps.


The idea

was to infuse the public conversations around Sacred Wraps in the form of stories/posts.

The communication was around the iconic logo of the series.

  • Digital Channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter
  • Delivery Partners: Zomato, Swiggy & Faasos app + website
  • Campaign Duration: 15 days

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Sartaj Chicken cheese melt wrap

In the game of hunger, this chicken cheese melt wrap will come to your rescue, just like Sartaj. Tender chicken pieces cooked in Reshmi masalas and topped with cheese is just the ammunition you need to fight off your hunger.

Gaitonde Mutton Boti Wrap

It took Gaitonde 25 days to destroy the city, but it will take this wrap only 25 seconds to kill your hunger. Tender mutton pieces cooked slowly in Boti masala wrapped in a flaky lacchha paratha will satiate all your cravings.


  • The campaign saw an overall impression of 47 million and more than 45k engagement across all social channels.
  • Sacred wraps delivered 3x more wraps than the top-selling wrap collection in our menu for that period.
  • The digital sales saw a massive growth of 2.87x viz a viz the sale of other wraps during the same period.
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