Facebook gets 22.6K data requests from India

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India stood second in the list of countries to send data requests to Facebook, for 54% requests, some data was produced.

Facebook responds to government requests for data in accordance with applicable law and terms of service. Each request is reviewed by the media giant's team for legal sufficiency, where they either reject or ask for more specifics in case the requests appear overly broad or vague. Between January and June 2019, a total of 22,678 requests were received by Facebook from Indian government agencies.

Of these, 21,069 were of in regards to legal processes and 1,615 were emergency requests. Apart from these, 33,324 preservation requests were also received. These are government requests to preserve account information pending receipt of a formal legal process. In 54% of the total requests received by Facebook, some data was produced.

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India stood at the second position in the list of countries seeking data-related information from Facebook. Globally, Facebook received 128,617 requests between January and June 2019. Of these, data was produced for 73.6% of the requests. In 2018, the numbers stood at 103,815 for the first half of the year and 110,624 requests in the second half.

In 2018, Facebook had received a total of 16,580 requests between January and June and 20,805 requests July and December. In both the 6-month periods, the social networking site complied to give information for 53% of cases. In 2017, the numbers stood at 9,843 in the first half of the year and 12,171 requests in the second half of the year.

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