All you need to know about recent Facebook Updates

Facebook updates

Facebook is providing an option to share Facebook & Instagram Stories to Facebook dating. Here are some key Facebook updates from the week.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Updates include users now having the option to connect Facebook and/or Instagram Stories to Facebook Dating. You can review and choose which Stories to show in Dating.

Also, a user can’t just share their entire story in one tap, they have to individually select each one.

Anyone in Dating can view and reply to Stories you share with Dating. Prospective Matches can send a like to someone while watching their Story and the person can choose to match with them.

Facebook Favorites

The platform is testing a close friends-like list for Facebook to improve micro-sharing in the platform.

The option is being tested on Facebook and Messenger and will allow you to share exclusively with the people you are comfortable sharing your private moments with.

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Facial Recognition

With new reports surfacing, it has been found that Facebook tested a facial-recognition app on its employees and their friends. The app was developed between 2015 and 2016 and has since been discontinued.

The tool used facial recognition to identify a person by pointing the smartphone’s camera at them.

Facebook confirmed the development of the app and mentioned, the app was only available to Facebook employees and could identify their friends who had facial recognition turned on.

Reflecting on the subject, Forbes opined, “Facial recognition and Facebook are a bad combination.” Given the long list of Facebook scandals and continued invasion of users’ privacy, the feature might prove harmful for users, if it ever gets released in the future.

Moreover, it gives users an unprecedented ability to reach out to other users. For instance, a random stranger on the road pointing their camera at you and finding out who you are and what you’ve posted.